We have found a new love for SUVs in the recent years with most of the car buyers opting for SUVs than other models. Morris Garages (MG) is one of the latest entrants in this hotly contested segment with their all new MG GS. The GS stacks up with models that have become the favorites of the people in this segment such as the Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Nissan Xtrail and Toyota Rav4, etc. MG claims the GS has all the oomph to make a mark in this segment. So, does the GS have what it takes to dislodge the top dog of the segment? Let’s find out in this review.

The MG GS looks like a premium product from all angles. The front part of the car makes it quite an onlooker on the streets. From the front, you can notice similarities with its younger sibling –the MG6 sedan. Unlike the most recent cars where the LED DRLs are integrated inside the headlight, the GS’s DRLs are located just under the fog lights. The projector headlights, the big MG logo upfront and the neat grille design lend the GS a very smart and premium look. From the sides, the GS looks compact yet suave with its 18-inch alloy wheels with preinstalled side steps and flared wheel arches. The confident stance is complimented by the rear design flow. There are two aluminum exhaust tips at each corner of the rear bumper making it look extra sportier.

The preinstalled side-steps make it easier to step inside the vehicle, and while entering the GS the black leather seats are the first thing you will notice. The leather seats are comfortable with ample support for any type of body structure. The driver’s seat is equipped with a 6-way electrically adjustable function while the front passenger side features a conventional 4-way manual adjusting function.
The other thing that grabs your attention is the piano black finish running along the dashboard and on the center console of the car. The glossy finish looks premium but it can be prone to fingerprint smudges so you’ll have to constantly wipe it to keep it looking shiny and new. In the center of the glossy panel sits a 6.1 inch touch screen infotainment system and just under the infotainment screen is where all the functional buttons are accommodated. The buttons might look a little too intimidating at first but after spending some time with the GS, you will get used to it very fast and having dedicated buttons for different functions make it somewhat easier. The sunroof lets in more light into the otherwise dark cabin. The sunroof can be used in three ways, the first way is where you just open the sun shade with the glass roof still closed just to let in more light into the cabin, or let the passengers enjoy looking into the skies. The second mode is when the sun roof is tilted open to let a little air to flow in and the third mode is when you completely side the sun roof open. The second and the third option can be done with a one touch dedicated knob between the roof lights. The GS although doesn’t look very big has ample of head room and leg room for the rear passengers. The rear seat provides good thigh support and is a comfortable place to travel long distances. While the boot is of a pretty decent size, the narrow opening limits the size of objects that you can fit in.

The car we reviewed featured a 2.0 petrol engine which produced a punchy 220 BHP @5000 RPM and 350 Nm of torque between 2500 RPM-4000 RPM. The engine comes paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission. You will easily feel the admirable torque figures as soon as you will push the accelerator pedal. The automatic transmission doesn’t hold the same gear for long, hence, to get the most out of this engine, you’ll have to drive it in the manual mode and use the paddle shifter to change gear according to your convenience. The handling has to be the best aspect of this vehicle. The GS being a mid-sized SUV, no one would expect it to be an agile performer, but this car proves otherwise. The GS is very light on its feet and is sharp and fast in changing directions. Steering feedback is excellent. With a slightly stiffer suspension you do lose the softness and its absorption power of the bumps, but it does not mean that it is rock hard and will break your back. It is dialed in perfectly where it is plush but it grips the corners very well with minimal body roll which is very impressive.

MG has decided to fit the GS with a host of safety features emphasizing strictly on the safety of its passengers. The compact SUV comes loaded with 8 airbags, ABS + EBD (Anti-lock Braking System + Electronic Brake force Distribution.), Auto-Hold, Anti-Roll, Hill-Descent Control, Reverse Parking Sensors, Reverse Parking Camera and ISOFIX child seat mount to name a few. The auto hold function makes sure that the car doesn’t move front of back after coming to a complete stop even if you don’t have the parking brake on and have taken your foot off the brake. The anti-roll function comes in handy when you have to climb a hill from a stop; it ensures that the vehicle doesn’t roll backwards. Similarly, the hill descent control takes over the braking task while going downhill so that you can focus on tackling the tough terrain ahead of you.

MG, a rather new entrant in the Nepalese market has taken the right step to make people notice about their models. What sets the GS apart is that it comes well equipped even on the base variant. So, we wouldn’t be amazed if consumers cocoon out of the stereotypical zones to try the GS. The GS performs great, looks great and has a long list of features that makes it a suitable contender in the dynamic mid-sized SUV segment.

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