When it comes to motorcycle racing it’s always interesting to watch World Superbike Racing Championship or Moto GP. One of the heavily guarded secrets in motorsports is Moto GP technology, which every motorcycle enthusiast dreams of getting their hands on. Well, Aprilia, with their principle of incorporating these technologies in their factory version motorcycle, definitely brings a smile to every petrol head. Having been the legends in the world of bike racing, Aprilia stands at the pinnacle of the motorcycle industry.


Aprilia RSV4 Racing

Throughout the years, Aprilia has proved itself as the best and they have the numbers to back them up. With 294 Moto GP race wins, Aprilia is the Western constructor with the largest number of victories in the history of the top motorcycle championship. It also holds 52 world titles: 38 in the Grand Prix Road Racing World Championship (20 in the 125 category and 18 in the 250 category), 5 Superbike titles (a Rider/ Manufacturer double in 2010 and 2012, Manufacturer title in 2013) and 9 Off-Road titles (7 in Supermoto events and 2 in Trial events).

the birth of aprilia

Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle company which started out as a scooter manufacturer after the Second World War. The company was founded by Cavalier Alberto Beggio, who at first intended to manufacture bicycles. But all of this changed when his son, Ivan Beggio, joined the company in 1968.


Aprilia Tuono V4 Supernaked

It was Ivan Beggio who built the first Aprilia motorcycle, a 50cc model painted in gold and blue. Because the model registered moderate success they decided to continue making motor vehicles and produced the first Aprilia mopeds: the Colibri and Daniela. The first “real motorcycle” from Aprilia was the 1970 Scarabeo cross bike which was produced until the mid-seventies, in different versions ranging from 50 to 125cc capacities.


Gábor Talmácsi, 2007 125 cc World Championship winner,
aboard his Aprilia RS125 racebike.

What many consider the first true cross bike didn’t come until 1974 and this model was tested by Maurizio Sgarzani. After undergoing numerous tests, they developed a street bike from this cross model, called the RC 125. This model was presented at the Milan Salon and was very well received by the public. Another moped from Aprilia came in 1976, a 49cc called Partner. Later, they introduced 49cc Minarelli engines to this model but this didn’t make it go faster or sell better.



In terms of motorsports, Aprilia won their first title in 1977, when Ivan Alborghetti managed to win the Italian championship in the 125 and 250cc classes. It wasn’t until the 1980s that Aprilia introduced enduro, trial and road bikes to its range. In 1981 they presented the TL320 trial bike and two years later the St 125. Then, in 1984, they released an improved model, named STX and an enduro bike called ET 50. Another important move in the 80s was the outsourcing of Rotax engines for some of their models, and the launch of the 125 STX and the 350 STX. Wanting a more rugged approach, Aprilia launched a large tanked bike for African rallies, called the Tuareg (no connection whatsoever with the Volkswagen Touareg) in 1986.


Aprilia Shiver Sport 750

By the end of the 1980s, in 1988 to be more exact, the US started to import Aprilia bikes. First, the TRX312M was imported and after that came The Climber, the first mass-produced bike to be liquid cooled. In 1990, another bike derived from off-road vehicles came, the Pegaso 600, and two years later, Aprilia driver Alessandro Gramigni won the World 125 Road racing Championship title. 1992 proved to be a successful year for Aprilia in motorsports, whenTommy Ahvala won the World Trials Championship on an Aprilia Climber. What is probably the most important motorcycle from Aprilia didn’t come until 1998, when the Italian manufacturer launched the RSV Mille, a 1000cc V2 Superbike and a sport tourer called Falco, which also had a 1000cc V2 engine. To get back to more recent events, Aprilia became part of the Piaggio Group in 2004. With the re-organisation of the Noale Racing Division, the Group has broadened the horizons of its racing activities, from the return to off-road competitions to the World Superbike debut – in 2009 – of the Aprilia RSV4. This highly successful project has secured five world titles from 2010 to 2013.



Today the extensive Aprilia motorcycle offer presents a varied range of models, whose common features are state-of-the-art technology and a sporty personality: from the twin-cylinder naked Shiver 750 to the Dorsoduro supermotard (in two displacements, 750 and 1200), from the Mana 850, the world’s first automatic motorbike, to the very latest entry, the Caponord 1200, a formidable tourer, from the supernaked Tuono V4 to the RSV4 family, available in two versions, the R and the Factory, based directly on the reigning world SBK champion bike.


SRV 850

With a wealth of technical solutions leveraging its unique racing experience, today the Aprilia motorcycle range has established an absolute technological leadership. The bikes’ impeccable chassis – always a key Aprilia strength – are combined with cutting-edge engine technology (the RSV4 is the only mass-produced racing V4 engine in the world) and an undisputed primacy in electronic rider support systems. With each Aprilia motorcycle, the experience built up at racing events all over the world is transferred to the everyday user, to boost performance and safety.

The Aprilia scooter range is equally impressive: the flagship Aprilia SRV850 is the most powerful scooter ever produced and features an advanced electronic control package with traction control and ABS.


Aprilia Caponord 1200

In 2015, the MotoGP grid will expand with the return of Aprilia, following the recent announcement by Aprilia and Gresini Racing on their four-year MotoGP agreement.

With rumors that the Aprilia moniker might be coming to Nepal, we can’t help but hope that everything falls into place. Till then, we’ll keep our fingers crossed and keep you updated.


Scarabeo 1970


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