Audi has been delivering E-tron since March of 2019 starting from Europe. It entered US market in May and will reach china in the second half of 2019. For Nepal, the e-tron will reach by the second week of August. The words from the authorized seller are that the vehicle has already entered the border and will reach Kathmandu by 11thAugust. 

Audi unveiled e-tron as a concept car in 2015 has promoted it as the fully electric vehicle. The crossover SUV has a range of 400 Kilometers and is powered by two electric motors. The motors produce up to 300 kw power and 664Nm of torque, and combine with the electric all wheel drive to deliver optimum performance on any terrain. The maximum drive torque is available within fractions of a second and provides enormous pulling power. Mostly the vehicle directs all its torque to rear motor, but if demanded by the driver, it can be redistributed to front axel as well. The driver can select to drive the e-tron in seven different profiles, depending on the driving situation, road conditions or personal preferences. 

The Audi e-tron is 16.1 feet long, 6.3 feet wide and 5.3 feet high. With a wheel base of 9.6 feet, the e-tron has ample space for five occupants along with their bags. The luggage capacity is 660 liters. It offers the spaciousness and comfort of one of the brand’s typical full-size models. 

 The Audi e-tron covers more than 400 kilometer in a single charge and this long range is achieved primarily due to innovative recuperation system. The SUV recovers energy in two ways: by the means of coasting recuperation when the driver releases the accelerator and by the means of braking recuperation when the brake pedal is depressed. 

The large high-voltage battery in the Audi e-tron can store up to 95 kwhof energy and is thus the foundation for the long range. As there is generally no need to stop at charging stations during everyday drive. For longer trips the vehicle can be charged with direct current (DC) at up to 150 kW, and can also be charged with alternating current (AC) at up to 11 kW: recharging with 22kw is available as an option. For household charging, the e-tron can be charged with 230 volt household outlet or a 400 volt three phase outlet.

The SUV has a distinctive SUV design with wrap-around shoulder line, flat roof brawny D-pillars and underbody protection. Other features include light gray single frame grille, diffuser with no exhaust pipes and logo and brake clipers optionally in orange. 

Ramro moters is the authorized reseller and Prinsa international is the authorized importer for the Audi e-tron. Once the SUV arrives in Kathmandu it will be available through Ramro Motors’s showroom in sano Gaucharan, Naxal.

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