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Base Batteries was founded in the year 1987 as battery distributors of a private battery company in India. Base Batteries now has its own manufacturing plant and R&D facility at Solan, Himachal Pradesh and is spread across sprawling 32 acres amidst the scenic mountains and vast landscapes. BASE batteries were recently in the news after launching their first racing car battery for the Hispania Racing Team in Formula One and thus becoming the first Indian battery company to do so. After a stupendous growth in the Indian Battery Industry, Base Batteries have now entered into a new alliance with Nepalese distribution giant Agni Energy. Agni Energy Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary company of Agni Incorporated Pvt. Ltd, recently launched India’s prominent BASE Batteries, UPS and Inverters in the Nepalese market. Base Batteries has one of the largest product portfolio in the power back up segment, and having understood the growing Automobile market in Nepal along with the frequent power cuts, the company is geared up to make an everlasting footprint in the local market in Nepal. The distribution partners had announced their alliance at an event and we caught with Mr. Aditya Arora, Chief Operating Officer at Base Batteries India, to learn more on his plans for Nepal.



Adity Arora,

CEO Base Batteries 


1) In general what does “BASE” think about the Nepalese market? What are the strengths and threats?

After our initial research, Nepal looks to be a very fruitful market for our lead-acid batteries due to its growing sales of two and four wheelers along with long hour power cuts caused by local conditions. The Nepalese market holds a huge potential for our Home UPS Systems and batteries. Batteries are an alternate power back up resource to Diesel Generators, which have become an environmental hazard. But there are certain regions here that have up to 18 hours of power shortage. So the obvious threat to us is that the batteries may not get enough time to fully charge before they are discharged once again and this has a direct effect on the products life. So for warranted products such as ours, the free-of-cost replacement might be higher for us in Nepal. However we consider this to be a small hic-up in a very large pool of potentials.

2) Which specific product line is the company focusing on particularly for Nepal, amongst your wide range of products from Automotive, UPS, Industrial, Solar, Generator to Home sectors?

Apart from the large variety of automotive batteries, our main focus will be to push our Home UPS systems and Batteries. We believe our Generator products will also have a good impact on the local market due to aggressive pricing in that range.

3) There are many other batteries manufacturers in the market. But why should an individual opt for BASE batteries? How does a BASE battery stand out from its competitors?

Base is the only battery manufacturer with a complete range of products, with all R&D and products home-grown in India to cater to specific needs in the region. Most companies would tie up with larger MNCs and replicate their technology. But the Indian market conditions are very different from anywhere else in the world. We have bad roads (leading to higher vibrations), temperate climates (humidity fluctuation) and a battery for us in general is a “Fit it and forget it” type of product. Keeping all these usage hazards in mind, each Base Battery is tweaked to give the best suitable performance in these conditions. We consider the Nepalese market is not very different from the Indian market, and we are confident the success we have seen locally in India would get replicated in Nepal as well.

4) Will the company launch any tailored-made products specially designed for the Nepalese Market?

Currently, we will give the Nepalese market only the tried-and-tested products of Base, keeping in mind we are just foraying into a new market and experimenting might have a direct affect on brand reputation, which will play an important role for growth. But once our identity and loyalty is established, by means of research we will try and discover what product might impact the market, and then prototype, test and launch accordingly. This would be completely based on the emerging demand trends we see as time progresses.

5) Where does the company position itself in the Nepalese market 1-2 years from now?

We have designed an aggressive penetration strategy to take on the market leader in the first year itself. We are aiming at capturing up to 10% market share in the first year, and with stabilization in the second year, we look to stand at a 15% stable market share from year two onwards targeting a growth of 15-20% henceforth.

6) Also, congratulations on launching the first ever F1 car batteries in India in collaboration with the Hispania Racing Team. How is the initial feedback considering F1 is a global sport and is crucial for the company’s brand image also? Is the company planning to associate with the other F1 teams too?

Yes we are currently in talks with other 4 teams who are testing and evaluating our products. Though nothing can be disclosed right now, we hope things will materialize with them, and we would go to become the only company in the world to supply batteries to 5 F1 teams consecutively in one season.

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