Suzuki Wagon R is one of the practical tall boy hatchback out there in the Indian as well as Nepalese market ever since it was first introduced back in 1999. The design has always been a perfect balance between simplicity and practicality, the engine powerful and fuel efficient and comfort is something no one can complain. No matter what the critics have to say, Suzuki has successfully captured the hearts of over 2 million people on just Indian roads. 

Fast forwarding to 2019, Suzuki has launched the 3rd generation of Wagon R and it’s bigger and better. The all new Wagon-R is tailored in a simplistic approach with gratifying space and affordability, just what our market needs for everyday comfortable family car. Suzuki surely has managed to upgrade the car overall with keeping the core concept and qualities.

Once a boxy designed hatchback has grown up to be a bulky, spacious and comfortable hatchback this 2019. Here, we have to admit, it’s a lot more attractive and pleasing to look at. Bigger on the outside, spacious on the inside, the all new Wagon-R has become a lot more modern as well, thanks to all the new equipment that’s on offer. Also, Suzuki has focused on making it one of the safest car with powerful engine in its class on the market segment.


This 3rd generation of Wagon R has come a long way in terms of looks and the best part is, it still retains the practical tall- boy design and the inherent proportions and profile from its predecessor. Plus, it is based on Heartect platform, which means it is lighter for better performance and fuel efficiency, but it’s also stronger and more rigid for superior safety, handling and also ride comfort. 

Now Suzuki has been bragging about the size of Wagon R, and why not? The designers have done a splendid job on the over dimension of the new Wagon R. The car is now 3655 mm longer, 1675 mm taller and 1620 mm wider than the outgoing model. 

At the first glance, you might notice the redesigned spearhead like dual headlamps and larger hexagonal front grille which adds up a chiseled character to the car. At the sides you get prominently sculptured shoulder lines, flared wheel arches and well smoothened out overall edges. However, at the rear, you get a redesigned tail lamp that moves upwards the roof and a sculpted tailgate. 

The overall exterior is well made with keeping in mind the theme of simplicity and practicality. Comparing to its predecessor, the straight lines with the sharp edges have been smoothened out whilst retaining the true tall-boy design. 


The interior of the new Wagon R is most impressive and welcoming with
its huge head space. The seats are quite comfortable and well cushioned for daily city ride and we are sure it certainly will be a pleasurable ride on the highways. For more convenience and comfort, you get a tilt- adjustable steering wheel, which is essential in every car if you may ask us. Talking about Steering wheel, you get all the multimedia button on the steering, which are easy to reach and get comfortable with over short period of time. 

With big dimension, comes big comfort and surely the new Wagon R doesn’t miss out on any of it. The 3655 mm length gives you optimal leg room for both the driver and passenger, 1675 mm height ensures you enough headroom for even a 6 ft tall person and 1620 mm width means space and no longer do you rub shoulders with the passenger. 


Inside the hood of this new Wagon R is the Suzuki’s K-Series three-cylinder 1 litre, 998cc engine, producing 50KW of power @ 5500rpm and 90 Nm of torque @ 3500. The engine is surprisingly powerful and responsive for 3 cylinder engine. Due to better power to the weight ratio, the new Wagon R turns out to packs more punch as compared to its predecessor. Inside the city or on the highways you should have no trouble in terms power and performance. Suzuki has ingeniously designed the engine to tackle any uphill that you should come across in our Nepalese roads. All in all the engine combined with light weight of this car, will no doubt offer you a fun ride on any roads. 


Whether it be inside or on the outside of this car, comfort is something no one can question. The seats are will tailored in a manner to place the driver and passenger in a comfy and cushiony setting. Plus, the new dimension of the car lets you and the passengers to enjoy the full freedom of stretching your legs as far as you can. As we have mentioned earlier, the head room is something Wagon R has been famous for and with the new redesigned height of the car, it’s even better now. Here’s why; if you roll the passengers seats down, you can add a lot of luggage. Although, this car already has boot space of 341 liters, the huge headroom surely comes in handy and plays a role. 

Wagon R is a tall-boy hatchback, which means you sit high making the frontal visibility excellent. This makes maneuverability easy giving you a confidence to tackle any alley and cramped up streets in Nepal. As, for the highway, the new 2435 mm wheelbase and 4.7m turning radius of the new Wagon R gives you stability even at fairly high speeds. Also, the steering is soft enough for a comfortable drive and responsive enough to execute a sharp turn on high speed. All in all, a perfect car to drive inside the city and absolute fun on the highway. 


It’s Bigger and it’s Better. With the new bigger redesigned dimension, the new Wagon R sure is better, than its predecessor. This not only makes it comfortable and fun to drive but contributes a lot in terms of functionality and convenience. 

Not only in terms of dimension, Wagon R has also grown out in terms of technology and safety. The new Suzuki Wagon R offers infotainment display featuring ‘Smart play studio’ on its premium variant. On the side of safety, the car offers ABS and EBD, dual airbags and parking sensors on all of its variants. There is nothing fancy about this car except the fact how much it is practical and is designed in a functionality basis. This makes it much attractive for any family guy out there looking for a perfect family car. 

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