Not many bikes are as iconic as a Harley-Davidson. The company has positioned itself as a culture rather than a manufacturer in the last 116 years of its existence. The name resonates with a feeling of pride, passion, brotherhood, heritage, and has been winning hearts all over the world.

As kids, we would sit all the way back on the pillion seat of our bicycle pretending it was a Harley-Davidson. Though we were familiar with the name, the brand was foreign to us until recently. Harley Davidson entered Nepal with its Iron 883. 13 months later, they’ve come up with their second offering, the Street 750 and Street Rod 750. When we received the news that we were going to test the Harley Davidson Street 750 we were ecstatic. We got our hands on the bike on a cold winter, and riding it was an absolute joy. The thrum of the V-Twin, the fresh morning air, and the empty streets made for perfect riding condition. The bike felt composed and relaxed in the city while having more than enough zing to power through the open roads and one can never get enough of this exhilarating Harley-Davidson.


The heart of this bike is the new Revolution X liquid cooled V-Twin engine producing 53 BHP at 8000 RPM and 59 NM of torque at 4000 RPM. This is the first time in a while the company has developed a new engine and they’ve done a terrific job. The engine is powerful and provides plenty of grunt and torque from the low to mid rev range. At higher revs, vibrations can be felt in the handlebars and the tank. The newly developed engine is mated to a 6 speed gearbox that is an absolutely joy to shift. The gear changes are precise and the clutch is light.

Talking about the performance, the bike goes from 0-100 in just 6.15 seconds and the power delivery is linear. The new engine feels like a breath of fresh air and is truly the star of this bike.


This bike will definitely turn heads! Clad in all black with hints of silver, this bike is an absolute beauty to look at. The company has positioned this bike in its Dark Custom range alongside the Iron 883 and Forty Eight. At first glance you notice the Harley-Davidson-esque design cues; an American cruiser with a mighty V-twin coupled with low seat and broad tires. The cruiser vibe is well carried out by a LED tail light and a tear drop shaped fuel tank while the 17-inch alloy wheels and rounded headlamps look modern and sporty. The exhaust pipe is low and cascades the V-twin engine which further adds to the cruiser aesthetic of the bike.

Also, the bike comes with unlimited customization options. To quote Michael Carney, the European PR manager at Harley Davidson on this bike, “blank canvas for customization.”

Talking about the features, the instrument cluster is kept simple and tidy with one-clock 3.5-inch cluster with an analog speedometer combined with a digital display that can display rev, fuel, trip, but only one at a time. ABS comes as an add on feature.


Weighing at 229kg with a full tank of fuel, this bike will surprise you with its nimbleness. The bike is agile and the wide handlebars require little amount of input to maneuver. For a bike that’s designed to look like a laid back cruiser, the Street 750 is a ballerina when compared with other bikes in its segment.

The bike also comes standard with Michelin Scorcher tires. The tires provide plenty of grip and the narrow size helps improve the handling.

The seating position is upright and one does not have to bend forward to reach the handlebars. The pegs are positioned ahead of the seat and the seat height stands at just 640 mm. The seats provides plenty of cushioning and the relaxed position makes it a true cruiser that you can take on long hauls with a great deal of comfort.


Stopping duties are taken care of by single 300mm discs with 34mm dual piston Brembo calipers. The front brakes provide enough bite and stopping power while the rear brake lacks feel but provides enough bite. The stopping power is decent at best and we feel that the bike could do better with an upgraded braking system.

The Street 750 comes with 37mm forks from Showa specially made for this line. Harley-Davidson has been thoughtful and provides a suspension travel of 140 mm in the front and 88 mm in the back which is more than adequate for a city bike.


Street 750 is the entry level Harley-Davidson for the Nepali market and is priced at 23 lakhs. The bike offers a complete package of a torquey engine in a fairly lightweight and nimble bike. Riding it was an absolute joy, and no matter how much we write, words aren’t enough to describe the feeling of riding a Harley- Davidson.



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