Yet another newcomer in the two-wheeler market, all eyes are on CFMoto. Much of the attention received by the CFMoto is attributable to the presence these motorcycles have on the Nepalese roads. And we wouldn’t expect anything less considering the designers of the machines are none others than KISKA, the same designers that established the aggressive beasts from KTM Motorcycles’ stable.

Now that it’s here, we’re very much on the bandwagon too. The entire lineup screams aggression and the naked sports bike segment has a new contender. While the 400NK and 600NK were more tantalizing prospective to test ride, we thought of having a go at what we expect to be their biggest sellers, the 150NK. The newest naked entrant into the commuter motorcycle segment, here is our take of the CFMoto 150NK.


The CFMoto 150NK is a good looking motorcycle. The first striking feature of the CFMoto 150NK is its naked looks. Kiska Design stylist Bjorn Shuster, who was responsible for detailing the 150NK and putting his boss Gerald Kiska’s concept into reality, has done an excellent job in the styling department. The CFMoto 150NK is the first KISKA-designed CFMoto motorcycle. KISKA, the Austrian design firm, is best known for its work with KTM over the years from research, product planning and vehicle design to brand communication and temporary architecture.

The 150NK does a decent job of standing out amongst the 150cc crowd. The front end of the 150NK sports an aggressive looking angular headlamp cowl with LED pilot lamps encased within the headlight fairing. Upside down (USD) telescopic front forks station themselves above 17-inch stylish front rims with hydraulic front disc brakes. The rear of the motorcycle is as impressive as the front. At the rear, there is an integrated twopiece seat, a compact stainless steel muffler and LED tail lights.

The 150NK’s ignition key sits on the 10-litre fuel tank, allowing a good view of the instruments cockpit. The multi-function instrument panel includes all the information you need. The console has a bold analogue tachometer, a digital speedometer, gear and service indicators, and riding mode indicator in addition to the other, necessary readouts.

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The 150NK is powered by a liquidcooled, 149.4cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine. The ignition can be done through an electric starter. Open the throttle and the engine comes to life. But the good first impressions set by the styling begin to alter once you get moving.

The motor makes 11.8 bhp of power at 9000 RPM and 12.2 NM at 7000 RPM. For those who are used to more punchy machines, the motorcycle may fall short of your expectations when you accelerate from a dead stop. However, you get to choose between ECO and SPORT mode via a switch on the left handlebar. While the Economy mode feels slightly sluggish it returns better mileage numbers, the Sport mode delivers a hint of sportiness with brisk acceleration.

The 150NK gets a six-speed gearbox, but the motor falls slightly short to the motor’s power delivery characteristics. Although it’s not quick off the mark, once you cruise past the mid-range rpm you begin to feel the right flow of power. The 150NK fares well once it gets rolling. As you speed up further, the bike goes swiftly till you reach the ton mark.

Give it some open tarmac and the bike will excel. Navigating the motorcycle through heavy traffic is easy, all thanks to the Kerb weight of 142 kg. The suspension is really well set-up, but it can feel a bit too stiff over sharp bumps. Although bumpy surfaces can upset the bike’s orientation, the suspension setup coupled with a high ground clearance of 150mm offers a good blend of ride quality and handling.

On the braking front, the 150NK comes equipped with 218mm hydraulic disc brakes with four piston calipers at the front and a 240mm disc brake with two pistons at the back. Although the brakes look skinny, they provide good bite. No doubt, the meaty rubbers at both ends do a great job, but a lot of this ability can also be credited to the tubular lattice frame which provides dimensional stability and lightweight construction as well as optimal stiffness. The one-piece handlebar delivers a comfortable, upright stance requiring little effort to adjust to the overall ergonomics. The riding position is aggressive with forward set foot-pegs and seat height is 775mm.


The CFMoto 150NK is definitely one of the best-looking 150cc naked motorcycles you can find in the market at the moment. While the 150NK flaunts an aggressive attitude with its KISKA design, it comes slightly short on meeting the expectation set by the aesthetics in terms of performance.

However, the motorcycle does return an impressive economy. Although it’s marginally more expensive than other motorcycles in the country, its premium design, tubular lattice frame, two riding modes and good economy does hold an advantage over other motorcycles.

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