Motorcyclists in Nepal, as a general trend, have been obsessed with either fully faired motorcycles, or naked sports, and sometimes dual sports. Naked sports however, have taken the podium when it comes to popularity mostly for two main reasons: the street-fighter inspired styling and the versatility to go places. And this fact alone appeals to those who want the best of both worlds.

Long story short, when CFMOTO first made its appearance at the NADA Auto Show 2017, we were positively beaming with joy. With a presence in 72 countries and counting, CFMOTO’s range of motorcycles in Nepal includes the aggressively designed 650NK, 650NK TT, 400NK and the 150NK. After giving the 150NK a proper test in our last issue, we have now with us its elder sibling – the 400NK. The bike fuses the versatility of a street bike with the styling and aggression of its bigger brother – the 600NK.

So, does the 400NK fit the description and criterion of a proper naked sport to rule the street and occasional highway runs? We find out


The naked styling of the 400NK is aesthetically pleasing and exudes a sporty demeanour – obviously Kiska. A head turner in every sense of the word, the 400NK is probably the most appealing bike in its segment. CFMOTO’s attention to detail is evident from the precisely sculpted sharp design of the 400NK.

The street-fighter inspired styling gets an angular headlamp upfront which is integrated well with the telescopic front fork. The 17l fuel tank is beautifully shaped with muscular cuts that help the 400NK look wild and aggressive. The handlebars have been set at the upright position that is sporty enough to get down on the tank for the speed run and high enough to enjoy cruising past traffic.

On the console are arrays of information that establish the bike as one of the most loaded amongst the competition. The easy-to-read instrumentation panel houses a speedometer, tachometer, tripmeter, riding modes, gear position, clock and gauge functions. The 400NK sports two riding modes; Sports and Economic which you can change by pressing a red button on the left handlebar.

At the rear, the 17-inch meaty high speed radial tire and the chiselled LED taillight section give a striking and unmistakable identity to the bike. The build quality is excellent with the use of high-quality components throughout.


At the heart of the 400NK is a 400.4cc, twin-cylinder, inline engine with 41 HP @ 9500 RPM and 35.4 NM @7650 RPM on offer. The motor perfectly expresses the aggressiveness of a street-fighter. A thrilling machine that provides the best of both worlds; the two map switch ‘Sports’ and ‘Economic’ can be a treat for any motorcycle enthusiast.Twist the throttle and the engine fires up with a throaty acoustics from it four cavity muffler.

The best thing about the 400NK is just so how easy it is to get on with. Although the bike comes with two map switch, the ‘Sports’ mode is where it shines. Hit the throttle, push the ‘Sports’ mode, and the bike propels forward with eagerness in no time. Zooming past open roads leaves a wide grin on your face.

The engine opens up at the medium revs around 4500 RPM, revving sweetly through the six-speed gearbox towards a speed of about 140 kmph. Push it even further and the power builds progressively all the way to the higher rev range. However, speaking of shifts, we had to contain ourselves with a notchy gearbox.

A slick gearbox would not have disrupted the sporty riding experience. Riding at higher rev range delivers slight vibrations, but it’s a worthwhile compromise. Nevertheless, the 400NK is a thrilling machine that provides the best of both worlds.


The 400NK is easy to manoeuvre in city traffic, thanks to the rider-friendly ergonomics and super responsive engine. Cornering on the 400NK was a joy, though the slightly larger turning radius made it slightly heavy and strenuous. Although the dry weight stands at 193kg, the bike is still very manageable. Combined with the rider friendly low seat height of 795mm, the result is an exceptionally agile machine, comfortable enough for fairly long trips, and manoeuvrable around city traffic. Although the seat comfort is adequate enough, the pillion space is tight.

The cantilever monoshock with adjustable rebound at the rear is decent enough, though slightly heavy on bumps. The high tensile diamond steel frame is a fine handling chassis. It provides a nice balanced feel and comfortable rider ergonomics.

Grip from both the CST radial tires improve stability and encourage sharper steering. Braking is spot on. Stoppage duties are taken care by a 300mm twin disc at the front and a 240mm single disc at the rear with continental ABS system. Braking is a treat during occasional speed runs or panic stopping.


What you get with the CFMoto 400NK is a practical, rider-friendly motorcycle perfect to tackle the urban jungle and highway runs. Aggressive, responsive and fast, the CFMoto 400NK serves as an entertaining proposition in the sub- 500cc performance segment. Not only are the 400NK’s riding characteristics impressive, but this bike’s a looker, too.

If fun and affordability are atop your purchasing checklist, then take a spin on the CFMoto 400NK. It provides more than the competition at a tempting price. In fact, this is the reason the 400NK is the most exciting product in the market right today.

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