Classic Motor Bike Exhibition

It would be very wrong to assume that Nepal does not have a rich history of motorcycles. In fact, there used to be a time when irreplaceable motorcycle brands like BSA, Indian, Matchless and Lambretta rolled out on the streets along with the early production models from BMW, Triumph, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. Most of these motorcycles had been ridden into Nepal by visiting foreigners and sold to the locals on their return journey by flight. But you may ask, then why don’t we see these vintage rides on our streets anymore? Well, with the high tax levied by the government on older vehicles adding to the woes of high maintenance cost of vintage motorcycles, most of them were either left to rust in the backyard or sold off as junk. And sadly over time, some of these priceless vintage motorcycles were again bought over by the foreigners and imported back for restoration in their countries, where classic machineries are more valued and makes for a prized possession.




Obviously, at this rate, there would hardly be any admired vintage motorcycle left in the country as a living proof of motorcycling back in the days. So just like how every story has a hero, we gladly got one in this as well. Enter – THE REINCARNATION OF CLASSIC MOTORCYCLES. Ok relax, this is not going to be your clichéd underpants displaying muscular hero with a cape and a mask, or much fittingly a helmet on. The Reincarnation of Classic Motorcycles is rather a group established by one Pujan Joshi and Ranjeet Gurung who identify themselves as classic bike enthusiasts. They are of the view that there is a lot more emotion and love attached to living with one as every classic motorcycle owner is personally involved in the restoration works and each vintage motorcycle has its own historical story to tell. The group aims to promote the restoration of every classic motorcycle lying around the country and encourage the proud ownership of one with respect and value.

So as to get their message across, the group had organized a Classic Motor Bike Exhibition at Electric Pagoda in Thamel on the 26th of October, 2013 in association with Motor Horse M.C and Vintage M.C Nepal. Now this isn’t their first time putting out such an event with display of various vintage motorcycles available in Nepal. They had organized a similar exhibition back in the August of 2010 at the same venue with some 40 classic motorcycles on display. This time too it was no different with a variety of rare vintage motorcycles put up on show along classic motorcycle spares, accessories and T-Shirts put up on sale. Up on display were a variety of motorcycles from a Triumph Bonneville 850cc, 1968 Triumph Trophy 500, Matchless 350 G5, Triumph Tiger Cub, 1974 Suzuki K125, IZH Planeta 2, Lambretta Innocenti, 1952 BSA Bantam D1, Honda Benly, Honda CB350, Honda CB250, 1968 Honda CL77 305cc and Honda Super Cub to some well customized versions of Royal Enfield’s and a Yamaha XJ650.







It was indeed the perfect place for enthusiast to experience and revive the bygone glory years of motorcycling.

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