We recently embarked on a short trip to Dolalghat. The skies had cleared up after a pretty gloomy week, and for some strange reason we had this sudden craving for the infamous fried fishes from Dolalghat. Lucky for us, we had the Ford Ecosport Platinum Edition at our disposal. Go Ford Nepal were kind enough to hand us over the keys to the updated Ecosport, and we graciously accepted the opportunity to take it out on the road.

So, instead of being cooped up in our office on a workday, we headed towards Dolalghat to get some fresh air. The July heat was sweltering hot, but it was of little bother to us. The Ecosport had more than enough space to accommodate the four inhabitants in its cabin, so we didn’t feel cramped and the air con did a decent job of keeping us cool.

We chucked our baggage into the trunk and connected our smartphone to the 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system that is completely new to the Platinum Edition. Before long, were rocking out to Punjabi pop songs which we are now surprisingly hooked on. Getting the music right is crucial to the quality of any road trip, a responsibility that falls upon the shoulders of the person riding shotgun.

Which brings us to our next point, something that is not discussed nearly enough. A road trip is a laid back recreational activity but every passenger has his or her individual duties. First off, the driver is in charge of getting the entire possy to the destination and back safely with as few butt clenching moments as possible. Secondly, the person riding shotgun is in charge of navigating and making sure the music is on point the entire trip. Finally, people in the backseat are in charge of distributing snacks and reminding the driver to make regular bathroom stops.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get back to our quest for delightful fried fish. “Why were you so adamant on going all the way to Dolalghat for this fish?” you ask. If you are, you clearly haven’t had these scrumptiously fried, local, river caught fishes.

As expected, the road conditions were atrocious. Massive potholes littered the tarmac and it seemed like each turn only made things worse. Thankfully, the Ecosport took it in its stride. We were really looking forward to try the new cruise control too, but it wasn’t really possible in the roads that we were traveling. We’ll leave that for when we hit the Terai straights some day, because we were quiet content enjoying the twists and turns on  this day. We were driving the 1.5 TDCi Diesel, which produces about 98.59bhp at 3750rpm, and 205 Nm of torque at 1750rpm to 3250rpm. What that translated to was a whole lot of driving fun.

Turns out, the Platinum Edition Ford Ecosport is a joy to drive. The mill churns out enough power to let you climb up the hills with ease; a much-needed asset in any car if you’re looking to drive to any spot outside of the city. And this was the case with our trip.The closer we got to our destination, the more impatient we got. Thankfully, what awaited us at Dolalghat was a sight for sore eyes.

We approached a shabby little eatery, amongst the several that run business in the vicinity, and sharpened our teeth for what was to come. A massive platter of golden fried fishes sat piled next to a wok filled with boiling oil where more fishes were steadily sizzling away. We wasted little time and found us a seat on modest and slightly shaky benches and tables. On one of the walls, a dingy metal fan did its best to cool the air.

Posters of gods printed in fluorescent yellow and pink hues adorned the walls, both blackened due from the years of smoke from boiling oil and fish. Agreed, this might not be an ambience that would appeal to everyone, but for anyone with a penchant for authentic local cuisine these factors accentuate the entire experience.

We each ordered ourselves a serving of the fried fishes that came on small steel plates that were barely able to contain our beautiful oily treats. Served with a side of well-seasoned tomato pickles we finished our plates at blistering speed. To the delight of the lady at the counter, we continued ordering several more helpings that we devoured in quick succession. When we left, all that was left behind was a pile of fish bones and a wide smile on the shop owner’s face.

Satiated with our feast we headed for the Ford Ecosport that would take us back home. However, we were fast approaching rush hour, which inevitably landed us in traffic. We weren’t going to let that bring our spirits down so we took a detour to get ourselves some fresh lassi. The sweet, thick beverage was just what we needed to end our short road trip to Dolalghat.

Getting to complete this trip in the Ford Ecosport Platinum edition was an added bonus. We will definitely be looking forward to taking it out on another spin. The Ecosport Platinum Edition for the first time ever gets a completely new 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

This touchscsreen infotainment system gets integrated music and video playback along with satellite navigation system. The screen also doubles up as the rear view camera screen as well. And it did a pretty good job of easing our music sessions too. Here are some of the songs on our playlist during our road trip.

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