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Nepal Automobile Sports Association (NASA) is the only organization in the country that has been seriously committed to organizing various local motorsports events. Established with the slogan “Dedicated to Adventurous & Tourism Promoting Sports”, NASA is dedicated in the development & management of automobile related sports and promotion of internal as well as international tourism through their initiatives. At the moment, NASA is the only automobile sports related organization registered with the National Sports Council in Nepal. A more notable mention is their recent official affiliation with the federation internationale del’ automobile (fia) and federation internationale de motorcyclisme (fim) since January 2012.




So as to control the dangers involved in motorsport events and boost the country’s ability in organizing FIA approved motorsports competitions, NASA conducted an Officials Safety Training Programme from 6-8th September at Mirabel Resort, Dhulikhel. NASA with support from FIA had invited four FIA Institute’s Regional Training Providers from CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Limited) to train about 60 enthusiastic participants with an introductory course on Motorsports Safety and Marshalls Training. The training team comprised of Jodi Zylstra, Phil Livingstone, Stuart King and Scott Spedding who were all highly trained and certified Regional Training Providers of the FIA Institute. The course was an eye opener for all the participants as it successfully introduced the enthusiastic lot to the vast world of motorsports.

During the course of the training workshop, we managed to catch up with Jodi Zylstra, Project Manager – International Training Team of CAMS, to discuss more on the progress and sustainability of motorsports in the country.




AL: Tell us in brief about the role of CAMS in FIA?

JZ: CAMS is an accredited Regional Training Provider authorized by the FIA. We have been certified to the FIA’s best practice framework to deliver Officials Safety Training all around the world. Our role is to go out there and help countries like Nepal and associations like NASA to create safer Marshals/Officials for promoting motorsports in Nepal.

AL: Motorsports activities are one of the most dangerous in the world with a high level of risks? So what initiatives are being taken by the FIA to establish motorsports as a safe sport?

JZ: The program we conducted here in Nepal falls under the FIA Institutes Officials Safety Training Programme. FIA affiliated countries like Nepal have the privilege to apply for some money from FIA’s Motorsports Safety Development Fund in order to conduct such trainings for creating safer Marshals. So it’s through trainings like these that FIA has been striving towards improving the motorsports knowledge of Marshals to create a safer motorsports scenario everywhere in the world.

AL: What is the basic requirement for promoting and encouraging motorsports in a country like Nepal?

JZ: A good communication between the concerned mediums on every level of the system.

AL: Is it possible to boost motorsports in a country without any proper infrastructure fit for track based racing?

JZ: Absolutely, yes! Motorsports isn’t just about track racing. You have a wonderful environment here that could host some real good rallies like TSD rallies, which I believe are already being done by NASA. We could also look at helping NASA in becoming more knowledgeable in some of the other type of rallies. And regarding NASA’s keen interest to set up a Karting facility in Nepal, I think that should be a great start as it is the foundation level from which all great drivers have learnt to race.

AL: In which motorsports segment do you see maximum feasibility of motorsports development in Nepal?

JZ: From my understanding, Rally and Karting are your prime areas for sustainability. Rally can be conducted on public spaces, roads, through forests or can run across longer distances across the country. And a Karting facility does not require a really huge amount of space and investment as other motorsports activities.




AL: From your observations, what according to you would be the right way to move ahead in establishing Nepal as a promising motorsports destination?

JZ: You have just started. But by engaging key stakeholders, getting the people passionate and convincing the government for the support it’s easier to get there faster. For a sustainable motorsport environment, it is important to have everybody on your side and prove that what you are doing is good for the people. Sports promote discipline and especially with motorsports activities there is also better understanding on the importance of road safety.

AL: In the future, how much potential do you see in Nepal in terms of the development of motorsports activities?

JZ: The stakeholders we have met here were very enthusiastic and passionate about what they have set out to do. The committee here has a very innovative concept of integrating the aspects of motor rallying with other popular adventurous mountainous activities. This is a good way to kick-start motorsports and will appear to a larger crowd with diversified interests. So there is potential in this magnificent country.

Founded in 1904, with headquarters in Paris, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) is a non-profit making governing body for motor sports worldwide. It’s an association that brings together over 230 national motoring and sporting organisations from more than 135 countries on five continents. It administers the rules and regulations for all international four-wheel motor sport including the FIA Formula One World Championship, FIA World Rally Championship and FIA World Touring Car Championship.

The FIA Institute is subsidiary of FIA that leads projects which encourage the rapid development of new and improved safety technologies in motorsports and raise awareness of safety and sustainability issues. The Institute receives annual grants from the FIA Foundation to fund its activities across the globe. In 2007, the FIA had launched the Motor Sport Safety Development Fund, which will distribute $60 million over five years for the benefit of motor sport across the globe.

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Limited (CAMS) is the National Sporting Authority for motor sport in Australia. CAMS has a highly skilled and experienced International Training Team that specialises in training and consultancy across a number of different disciplines. As an FIA Institute Regional Training Provider (RTP), CAMS has successfully trained and provided mentoring to over four thousand officials and marshals as part of its International Officials Training.

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