My first step into the motorcycling industry was when I walked into a custom motorcycle shop in Columbus, Ohio, USA in 2008. Backed with nothing more than my passion for motorcycles and a want to learn more about them, I demanded a job from Bruce, the owner of the establishment at Skunk Worx Custom Cycles. I supposed Bruce had a good eye, or more likely just a generous heart, so he didn’t ask any further questions and handed me a broom and a mop and assigned me shop cleaning duty (Cliché, I know). But as it turns out, those few minutes were the defining moments that would eventually lead to my career in the motorcycling industry.

Gavin Young, Calgary Herald CALGARY, AB: May 28, 2012 – Tyler Chhisolm, left, and Chad Kroeker, owners of Clear Motive, have some fun posing with Kroeker’s motor bike outside their beltline offices in Calgary on May 28, 2012. Photo by Gavin Young, Calgary Herald (For Business section story by Mario Toneguzzi) 00038323A

Fast forward a decade or so and I’ve somehow ended up with a history of being involved with motorcycles as a passion and a profession. With it’s ups and downs, today I have the pleasure of working with exotic vehicles that many of us dream to own someday. So, what does it take to build a career that keeps you surrounded by magnifi cent machines and fulfi lls your passion for motorcycles? Whether you’re a teenager wrapping up your 12th grade, or in your 20’s looking for a direction or a career change; here are some words of advice from a guy that has lived the dream and survived the worst nightmares.

I can’t emphasize this point enough! We might have all heard of Bill Gates and other famous millionaires dropping out to pursue their dreams. While they did drop out of education, it wasn’t the inability to pass biology in class 8 (Do your own research on these famous fi gures that dropped out). You have to keep pushing on, regardless of what background you come from, and who your family knows in order to make a living.

Get the basic level of education before deciding that general college education isn’t for you. Once you do come to that conclusion, there are vocational courses available such as the CTEVT courses offered in Tripureshwor that give you the basic knowledge about motorcycles and engines. For those that have already started or completed your bachelors, there are much more advanced options available to you in a format similar to a bachelors’ degree.

Your next biggest challenge is going to be persuading immediate family about your intentions of working in the automotive fi eld. Let’s be honest, while our society is slowly moving towards becoming progressive, it still lacks the open mindedness towards people and their professions.

A mechanic automatically translates to a low-income job that someone ended up with because they didn’t get good scores in school. However, the Automotive Industry isn’t simply about a small shop in the corner (nothing wrong with making an honest living doing so), but it’s a combination of Engineers and Technicians along with Accountants, Marketing specialists and others that keep the industry alive and thriving. Do your research and see what area of expertise fi ts you best and explain that to those around you about how serious your intentions are.

As mentioned above, the automotive industry employs a wide variety of people. So let’s assume you’re great with tools and troubleshooting. Look into a formal training to become a technician or a mechanical engineer. If you’re tech savvy, then perhaps becoming the backbone of a company by pursuing formal training in the IT fi eld is the way to go. The point is to fi gure out and follow what your natural talents are and to further develop your skills from an amateur level to a professional. If you’re pushing yourself towards a line of work that isn’t your fi eld of expertise, you’re wasting precious time and talent trying to become something you aren’t. Most importantly, even if you do end up fi nishing your courses chasing after a dream that isn’t your cup of tea, you most likely won’t enjoy your job or position in the end. Remember, pursue your dreams, not someone else’s.

I’ll take another direct shot at our society. We’re only ever in a rush to get places when we’re navigating the lawless streets of Kathmandu on our motorcycles. The rest of the time we’re happily lounging around chasing the latest gossip over a cup of tea. The world is in the palm of your hands. Literally! Pick up that smartphone and look up what types of jobs people of your age and interest are pursuing in other countries and economies. Create opportunities for yourself and the only way of doing that is by being ahead of the market. If you’re waiting for your board exam results and simply sitting around the house, there are other automotive enthusiasts that are doing their research and trying to snag that next opening for an internship at your favorite motorcycle manufacturers dealership.

This applies to those that are wanting to change career paths to follow their dreams within the automotive sector. As mentioned above, a wide variety of professions make up the automotive economy and all those people have to be managed. The industry will always need individuals with leadership qualities, not only to sustain it today, but to grow it tomorrow. It’s never too late to switch jobs to chase after what truly inspires you and create opportunities for others that wish to do the same.

The world of motorcycles might seem like a career full of visiting exotic places, working on the most exquisite machines, burnouts on the weekends, and barbeque nights. The reality is that it is a mixture of your passion and a way of life that pays the bills at home. But if we look at the bigger picture, we are in dire need of passionate people such as you and me to fuel the industry and to drive it forward. The industry doesn’t simply end at fi xing broken motorcycles. It’s about adjusting into society and bringing everything else into equilibrium, so we have a perfectly well tuned industry that sustains the future generations.

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