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Since 1971, BG Products, Inc. Wichita, Kansas, USA, have been manufacturing high performance chemical treatments and service equipment for the Automotive Industry. BG is committed to maintaining vehicles through high quality automotive maintenance services for fuel systems, engines, transmissions, brakes, power steering, cooling, battery, drive line and climate control systems. BG’s professional-use products and equipment add more efficiency, miles per gallon and long-term reliability for vehicles.

Today’s reality is that a routine service consisting of an oil change, visual check, and an occasional software tweak is no longer enough to satisfy customers that their money has been well spent. Only tangible, noticeable improvements to one or more key systems on their vehicle will convince them that the service was well performed. After an advanced BG service, customers routinely report noticeable improvements to their vehicles and recognize the service as a job well done and money well spent.

BG Products are sold worldwide and for Nepal, BG Nepal Pvt. Ltd., established in 2009 is the Sole Distributor for BG Products, Inc, USA. There are many authorized service centers already using BG products and services. BG Nepal will be introducing servicing for generators as well.

It is a known fact that day by day the environmental pollution is increasing due to the emissions from different sources such as industries and vehicles. Poor maintenance of roads, poorly maintained vehicles and public awareness is responsible for the deteriorating ambient air quality in the Kathmandu valley.

The main emission sources of air pollutants are

  • smoke emitting vehicles of all types
  • re-suspension of street dust and litter into the air
  • black smoke plumes from numerous brick kilns
  • refuse burning

BG Nepal has the preventive solutions at least for two sources of the air pollution, vehicles and generators. BG Nepal first tested the products in Nepal in March 2009 with various makes of vehicles such as Opel, Chevrolet, Subaru, Suzuki, TATA, Mahindra, Toyota and Hyundai. The results were phenomenal and further study of the products enabled BG Nepal to believe that these products do make an exceptional contribution to automobile maintenance, air pollution quality and the environment, something that is much needed in Nepal now.

For more information, please contact:

BG Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Naxal Bhagwati Bahal, Kathmandu, Nepal

Ph: 4279623/9801026540

Email: info@bgnepal.com.np

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