Introducing Yeti 4WD Club

Photos: Gaurav Man Sherchan

Now that the roads of Kathmandu are no longer worthy of being sarcastically deemed as off-road haven, many 4×4 owners might be finding themselves in a bit of a quandary. Of course, if you got yourself an off-road machine just to tackle the previously ghastly roads of Nepal you have got a different set of problems.

However, if you have acquired a capable 4×4 for the right reasons and test its limits, you will want to include yourself in this particular group. All the who’s who of the off-roading community possessing a 4×4 are already in the club, or at least should be.


We’re talking about the Yeti 4WD Club. Founded by a few adventurous SUV owners with a goal to promote active and responsible Off Road driving in Nepal, the club caters to the true enthusiasts of Nepal. Although it seems to parade itself as a group dedicated exclusively for big burly men, it is completely the opposite and encourages the involvement of anyone and everyone.

The club organizes and promotes over landing trips and off road driving events for all owners of four-wheel drive vehicles; from stock to highly modified 4×4 vehicles, in Nepal. Although they cater solely to off road going vehicles they will accommodate 4×2 and AWD vehicles from time to time.

The club also offers advice and training both in driving and preparation of vehicles and designing off road tracks for leisure and competition purposes. Which also means you can go in serious off road trails, weekend outings with other like minded off roaders.

The club endeavors to hold a variety of trips each year, which may consist of 1-day social outings through to challenging 4×4 trips, night navigation competitions, weekend trips sometimes choosing hotels and sometimes camps, charity events, clean ups and ‘Learning weekends’. Trips are rated according to difficulty, so you know what is appropriate for you and your vehicle

And it doesn’t matter if you’re new to the 4×4 game or have already made a few rounds on the block. Membership is free and open to all 4×4 enthusiasts who have 4×4 vehicles and want to use them responsibly. However, event participation fees will be applicable.

Upon joining the club, a member is granted the opportunity to learn all about expeditions, touring, planning, driving, safety, communications, etc. through constant interaction with other members who are skilled and competent in these areas. The club also offers training (formal and informal) in the areas of Driver Training (Basic to Advanced), Navigation (Map to GPS), First Aid etc in the near future.


Being part of the club also entitles you to your share of responsibilities. Maturity on every member’s part is expected as the club encourages the participation of family orientated members of all ages rather than irresponsible ‘hooligans’ / over indulgent type drivers who are always out to prove that he/she is the best driver in Nepal. In addition, politics, bigotry, intolerance, excess use of alcohol (strict NO DRINK & DRIVE Policy exists), abusive language, raucous behavior etc. is strictly prohibited.

The Yeti 4WD Club is the ideal platform to unleash your off roading fervor while associating yourself with other like minded participants. Now, unless you plan on waiting for our roads to succumb to time and return to its previous state, this sounds like an extremely tempting plan.

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