Jaguar, the British automaker, has epitomized the uncompromising blend of performance and beauty, making the Jaguar DNA recognizable throughout their rage of vehicles. A quintessentially British brand, the company has demonstrated their excellence in engineering and well-crafted designs. And as part of the Tata Motors family, Jaguar has continued producing some of the best things that hit the tarmac on four wheels.

Now, the Jaguar prowls the streets of Kathmandu; something we never thought we would have the pleasure of saying. Kishore Gears Pvt. Ltd., in a pleasantly surprising turn of events, has introduced the luxury vehicle brand to Nepal. This is a massive leap for the auto industry of Nepal and an exciting time for auto-enthusiasts and the potential buyers of the moniker.


Joining the roster for Nepal is the Jaguar XF and the XJL. The XJL is the flagship model for Jaguar and the largest saloon they have to offer. What Jaguar has done with the XJL is quite exquisite, both in terms of features/designs and the performance. The premium experience of being driven around in the beautifully designed extended executive sedan is a lavish and relaxing experience, but it provides an astonishingly heart throbbing driving experience.

The joys of getting to drive it and actually see it on the roads of Nepal is a feeling we can’t quiet explain. But we have given it a shot in this review of what is hands down the most luxurious vehicle we have had the pleasure of test driving.


The Jaguar XJL is the Catherine Zeta Jones of cars; it’s just that we were lucky to get into this one. Its coupe like design with flowing lines give the XJL a striking profile that exhibits  a distinctive styling, setting it apart from almost anything on offer (except for a German juggernaut). Extending over a length of 5255mm, the Jaguar XJL imposes its dominance with its sheer size and dwarfs other sedans which are considered plenty long by Nepali standards. To put things into perspective, the XJL has a length advantage of 400mm over the Nissan Cefiro; that’s over a foot.


Crowning the Jaguar is a chrome framed grille which gets meshed details and sits at an upright angle. The logo takes center stage. A pair of bi-xenon headlights with integrated LED indicator lights and DRLs functions as the piercing gaze of the Jaguar. These headlights produce a light with a color temperature closer to natural daylight so that objects can be better recognized which in turn helps increase comfort and safety during night driving. The ORVMs get integrated indicator lights.


The roof gets heat-reflective glass which sweeps back and over the rear  seats. It filters UV rays and floods the interior with natural light. The Jaguar prances on 19 inch Pirellis with double spoke towbar alloy wheels and, it goes without saying, they look spectacular.


Rounding up the rear is the signature styled cat clawed rear LED taillight and brake-lights. Rear bumper gets chrome accents and dual tipped exhaust.


The L in the XJL stands for long-base which means there is over a meter of rear seat legroom in the cabin, and these extra inches add on to the pleasure of getting the limo experience. It is also fully loaded, and we say this reminiscing the moments we got our backs massaged in the rear passenger seats while watching some guys bicker about something on the Kantipur channel that was being played on the rear seat entertainment screens.


It gets fully adjustable rear seats with heating, cooling and a massage functions, dual sunroofs, satellite navigation, 10.2 inch rear seat entertainment screens and Meridian audio systems (10.2-inch versus 8-inch), cornering headlamps and larger, 19-inch wheels. The XJL also features fold-out tray tables for rear seat passengers that are large and sturdy enough to hold a laptop.


Interiors are exquisitely designed, including hand-crafted wood veneers and sumptuous semi-aniline leathers. The sporty looking dashboard wraps itself beautifully around the front seats. The full width panoramic roof filters UV rays and floods the interior with natural light making it feel airy, spacious and, thanks to effective tinting, very private. A 12.3 inch TFT screen displays the speed, fuel and temperature gauges and can be set to display the most relevant information, depending on the situation and set up. This multi-layered virtual display has been remodelled and combines a new design and graphical interface adding advanced functionality to make finding the right settings even easier. The Instrument Panel Display is fully integrated with the 8 inch Touch-screen to put all information behind the wheel or on the centre console.


Both front seats feature fine-tuned electric adjustment and can be specified with five different massage programmes with three position user memory on the driver and front passenger seats. Both front and rear seats are heated. All seats feature a cooling function as well. The rear seat offers individual airline-style reclining seats complete with three massage programmes and memory.


The Jaguar XJ is one of the safest cars around thanks to standard stability and traction control, a pop-up bonnet to protect pedestrians, eight airbags and the latest security features. If you intend to carry lots of luggage, the XJ will impress as it has a large 520 liters boot.


While you’d be perfectly comfortable lounging in the luxuries of the extravagant XJL, you would be employing the most satisfied employee as your driver. As luxurious as the Jaguar is, it has a wild side to it that makes it a driving wonder which combines supercar performance with luxury. Lightweight aluminum body and rigid body structure provides the XJL with a more dynamic driving experience. And the near perfect front to rear weight distribution gives it a more balanced performance.


Equipped with an eight speed auto, it is a durable machine that is an exciting beast to drive. The Jaguar XJL’s V6 Turbocharged 3.0 litre 271bhp diesel engine offers 700Nm of torque which is capable of propelling you from 0-100km/h in 6.2. An involuntary smile will spread across your face as an aftermath. It is responsive to the throttle and remains punchy through all speeds.


The XJ’s next generation Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) offers outstanding feedback, control and immediate power assistance. And because it is electrically driven, it’s only active on demand which saves fuel, if you really care about the mileage. This means that you can steer accurately, if a bit light at high speeds, and on the whole, the car feels a lot more balanced than its vast size would lead you to believe.


And it is an extremely smart vehicle. The XJ’s Adaptive Dynamics system continually monitors the car up to 500 times a second, so whether you’re cornering, navigating uneven surfaces or accelerating you’re always performing optimally. In conjunction with the air suspension it constantly varies the damping to suit the conditions and makes sure the Jaguar remains flat and stable, improving control without hampering the ride comfort.



We are still trying to bring ourselves down from the excitement of finally getting a go at the Jaguar. It is by far, the most exciting product to come to the Nepalese auto industry in a very long time. Kishore Gears Pvt. Ltd. brought in the best of the best with the XJL and it lives up to every expectation.


It sets the benchmark for any super business sedan in Nepal, and redefines the exceptional balance of beautiful design and mind boggling performance. Any other sedan pales in comparison to the Jaguar XJL (once again maybe except for a German Juggernaut). But, also according to expectations, anyone even thinking of buying it will have to shell out a lot of money. A lot. But like they say, if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably might not be buying it.


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