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KraftfahrzeugeTrunkenpolzMattighofen. No I did not slam my head repeatedly on the keyboard. The above stands for KTM, an Austrian company that started producing motorcycles from 1953 and escalated in their ability to satisfy their customers as the years passed. KTM is Europe’s second largest motorcycle manufacturer, and just to reassure you of KTM’s capabilities, we would like to point out that KTM has won more than 200 world championship titles in all classes and remains undefeated in the toughest of all rallies, the Dakar Rally for the past 11 years. Those of you who are already familiar with the brand need no more bragging on its behalf.

After a pretty long period of rumours of the product entering the Nepali market, it is now time to clear things up. AutoLife brings to you a tete-a-tete with Mr. Shekhar Golchha, executive director of HH Bajaj and the man behind the KTM brand in Nepal, regarding the launch of the much-awaited KTM Duke 200.


AL: The KTM is no doubt one of the most awaited motorcycles in Nepal this year. Tell us more about the product in your personal opinion and why should a Nepali buy one over the competition?

SG: The Duke 200 is manufactured keeping in mind the provision of maximum riding fun for the rider. The Duke comes with a 200cc single-cylinder, four-stroke, spark-ignition liquid-cooled engine that can deliver a maximum power output of 25 bhp @ 10,000 rpm and maximum torque of 20 nm @ 8000 rpm. Furthermore, with upside down forks, compact and multifunctional cockpits, cool graphics and exotic styling, the KTM Duke 200 has everything one can drool over. Also, the KTM is a ‘Ready to Race’ bike. To find a premium bike available at such attractive prices is not something you come across every day.

AL: So will the KTM Duke 200 be sold under the same roof as Bajaj motorcycles or will it be sold exclusively in a new KTM only showroom?

SG: KTM will have a separate showroom offering special world class services, which will completely be a new concept in Nepal.

AL: What about the after sales service aspects? Can customers look forward to easily available service and spares just like for Bajaj motorcycles?

SG: KTM will be providing after sales service to the customers as well as the spare parts, but again it will be separate from those provided by the Bajaj showroom. In fact, since we assume that owners of the KTM will be more in touch with their machines, we will let them watch the servicing of their motorcycles first hand. We will even provide a special chair for them to sit in while they observe the workings on their motorcycle.

AL: KTM has its own in-house after market accessories manufacturing unit known as KTM Powerparts? So will each and every add-ons that’s available for the Duke be available here in Nepal as well?

SG: A range of add-ons will be made available like the sticker-kit chrome, Akrapovic slip-ons, handguards, carrier plate, etc. These will be launched simultaneously with the motorcycle.


AL: We are just a few months away from the unveiling of the Duke, tell us more on how your company is gearing up to present a world class brand like KTM?

SG: Here lies the beauty of it. A world class bike such as the KTM doesn’t really need a lot of gearing up and introduction. It is here to obtain a niche market and we are not really aiming at selling in mass numbers.

AL: The KTM is a sport focused motorcycle no doubt, but for most people in Nepal only a fully faired motorcycle is the true definition of a sports bike? So how do plan to convince the crowd that naked bikes are also a breed of sports bike? And what is your sales target for the year?

SG: This is a naked sports bike and the use and feel of the naked KTM will be a completely different experience. And we realize that this is not a mass selling bike. It is aimed at customers who know what KTM is and its true value. Since it is aimed at a niche market, we are expecting to sell about 100 bikes a month.

AL: So will it just be the KTM Duke 200 that will grace the new showroom at Naxal or can we expect to see other amazing motorcycles from Austria too?

SG: At the moment, you will have to suffice with the KTM Duke 200.

AL: Finally coming to the most crucial factor, how much the Duke 200 will cost here in Nepal? When will the official booking and sales for the product start?

SG: The official booking will begin simultaneously with the opening, i.e. around mid April and it will be priced at a price of below Rs.5 lakhs. I believe that’s pretty reasonable for such a premium class motorcycle.

AL: How will the sales promotions most likely go about? Can potential customers look forward to interesting schemes and offers along with the joy of owning a fantastic street motorcycle?

SG: Taking into consideration the stature of the KTM, word of mouth itself will be a great promotion. At the moment we do not have any such schemes or offers that we are planning to introduce for initiating the sales.


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