LAUNCHPAD | NEW IN THE COMPACT SUV RACE : MG ZSMG (Morris Garage) motors has been slowly but steadily increasing its popularity in the automotive industry of Nepal. The most recent car to be released before the introduction of the ZS was the MG GS which set the base for MG to take forward strides. With the ever-growing popularity of the Compact SUVs, MG’s decision to bring in the GS payed them very well. Now with the ZS ready to step into our market, will it be able to replicate the acceptance which the GS received? That we will find out when we get our hands on one.

LAUNCHPAD | NEW IN THE COMPACT SUV RACE : MG ZSThe MG ZS has been given a very classy and elegant look which will definitely get some attention on the streets. The look on the MG ZS kind of resembles the Jaguar F pace in some areas like the front grille and the elongated front bonnet look. The headlight looks kind of similar to the Mazda CX-5but, don’t get us wrong here, we aren’t blaming MG of copying designs from other manufactures. There is just a little similarity in design, which we can’t put MG at fault because the ZS is a real eye candy. Moving to the sides, there isn’t much action there apart from a shoulder line carried out from the front to the back, while the back end gets a sleek looking design too.

LAUNCHPAD | NEW IN THE COMPACT SUV RACE : MG ZSUnlike its elder sibling the GS, the ZS takes a different approach when it comes to the interior. Where the GS had a lot of control buttons laid out in the center console which looked good but was a little confusing at times. The center console on the ZS has a very clean and minimalistic look to it. The 8-inch infotainment system dominates the center console with control buttons laid out below the screen. The infotainment system is packed with Apple car play so for Apple users thats an added benefit. The dash comprises of soft touch materials at most of the parts which definitely gives it a very nice feel but has some hard-plastic bits as well. This was done to keep the price in check as manufacturers cannot provide the finest of materials and keep the price low as well. The three spoke steering wheel looks nice and sporty with all the function buttons like the audio controls and the cruise control neatly integrated into it. The top spec variant will have a leatherette upholstery to make it look and feel more upmarket.

LAUNCHPAD | NEW IN THE COMPACT SUV RACE : MG ZSThe 1.5L four-cylinder engine produces 105 PS of power @ 6000 RPM and 141 Nm of torque @ 4500 RPM. The power is sent to the front wheels as there is no four-wheel drive option available for this vehicle. It is justified as you would not expect potential buyers (targeted as a family SUV) to rip this compact SUV in the dirt. It is somewhat capable in the dirt but don’t expect big SUVs like performance.


Engine Description: 1.5 DOHC VTI-tech
Aspiration type: Naturally aspirated
Fuel delivery type: Port fuel Injection
Cylinders: 4 cylinders Valves 16
Engine displacement (CC): 1498
Bore (mm): 75
Stroke (mm): 84.8
Compression ratio (Ratio): 10.5:1
Maximum engine power (PS @ rpm): 106PS @ 6000 RPM
Maximum engine torque (Nm @ rpm): 141Nm @ 4500 RPM
Overall length: 4314 mm
Width: 1809 mm
Height: 1611 mm
Wheelbase (mm): 2585 mm
Turning circle: 11.1 m
Trunk capacity: 448 L
Trunk capacity, seats down: 1375 L

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