LE MOTO: LFR 250 & LFR 250M

Motorcycles are such machines that can entice a thrill among riders and wake up their inner adrenaline junkies. Street riding has perks of its own, but for some one seeking to get on the adventurous side of things, sometimes, street motorcycles just don’t cut it and they are not just capable enough to provide them the thrill that they want. Motocross riding, thus, is something to consider to get into to explore that adventurous side. Motocross motorcycles have always been able to provide its riders with capabilities to conquer any kind of roads.

Even in Nepal, we can see many people follow this cult of wanting to own a motocross styled motorcycle, some for
aesthetic purposes and others for the outright raw performance that they deliver. There was once a time when there weren’t many options and brands to go to for in this segment, but as of now that has changed. There are more and more brands coming up and we certainly believe that this competition is proving to be good for the consumers. Stepping up fresh in the segment is the all new brand, Lemoto, brought to the country by Rai Motors Pvt. Ltd.


A first glance is all it takes to show the imposing styling of the LRF twins. Both carry the same design cues and are offered in only one finish; red, blue and white. Even with all the bright colors the motorcycles seem to stand out with the vibrance that they resonate. The motorcycles stay true to motocross styling with a tall stance and light construction. Take a closer look and the whole finish is done with stickers, claimed to be from 3M. The handlebars are wide and set up high giving it a proper dirt bike feel. The only difference that you will notice between the two motorcycles are the tires which gives them a slight height difference which is almost negligible. The twin exhaust pipe set under the seats add to the aesthetic appeal of the motorcycles.

Lemoto have decided to go with the philosophy of keeping things as minimalistic as possible on the features department. The motorcycles come with basic features such as disc brakes on both ends but misses out on necessities such as ABS, which might be apparent as being a motocross styled motorcycle. The motorcycles come equipped with an all-digital console with tachometer, speedometer and trip meter but doesn’t have a gear indicator or even a fuel indicator. However, the motorcycles come with both electric starter and a kick start. The bikes also come equipped with hand guards as standard.


Both the LRF250 and LRF250M are powered by the same 249.6cc engine. The motorcycles come loaded with a single cylinder, 4-stroke engine with a SOHC setup with 4 valves. With a compression ratio of 11.6:1, the 249.6cc engine on the twins produce maximum power of 34Hp at 9,500 rpm and maximum torque of 23Nm at 7,000 rpm. The LRF engine comes with liquid cooling and is mated to a 6-speed gear box. The engine specs on the motorcycles are impressive, taking into consideration a kerb weight of only 112kgs which means a really good power to weight ratio. But how do the motorcycles actually perform?

The twins indeed have nice torque feel upfront but the power delivery response is a tad bit on the slower side of things; you don’t get the raw aggressive power output that you would expect from a 250cc motocross motorcycle. The gears seem to be really short but still would use a little more burst of acceleration through out the gears. The LRFs accelerate in decent manner but on uphill roads the torque on the motorcycle won’t let you down. These twins effortlessly pulled up the steep rough roads of Shivapuri. However, the engine did feel a little buzzy and heated up quite too often; also the lack of power could be felt. Overall, the performance was adequate enough so much so that it will not be intimidating to many riders.


For the braking duties, both the Enduro variant and the Motard variant get a 240mm disc at the front and a 240mm disc brake at the rear. The front brakes are really progressive and lack the initial bite but they do the work pretty well. However, the front doesn’t have all the stopping power required at high speeds; the brakes seemed to lose the bite at high speeds. The bikes could have been better using bigger diameter front brakes. Whereas, the rear brakes did offer adequate bite that you can actually lock up the rear tires with ease and slide your way through with the bike.

Both the Enduo variant and the Motard variant come with upside down forks. These are fully adjustable for rebound and compression, with the forks measuring up to 910mm and a suspension travel of 275mm. As for the rear suspension, both the motorcycles come with a single shock absorber with piggyback adjustable rebound, compression and spring preload adjustments. The suspensions are carried out well on these motorcycles and give a plush feel, making the rideability much more enjoyable. Overall, the suspensions are well versed at dealing with undulations on any kind of terrain.


At first, being on the taller side, getting on and off the motorcycles were of some hassle but once on the saddle everything else seemed comfortable. The seats are long and narrow having enough padding to ensure a comfortable ride. The handlebars are set up high and are significantly wide, giving the rider an upright seating positing with an imposing feel. Being a light weight motocross style motorcycle, it was pretty easy to be in full control of these twins even if they had a tall stance. The tires provided enough grip and wouldn’t slip and slide out of control, even for the Motard. These motorcycles were really easy to flick around and once you get used to how these twins handle, we are definitely positive you will be in for a joy ride.


Many people have wanted to explore new places on a motorcycle to get that thrill of riding experience. The LRFs twins are now an addition to the market and they are just capable to be the companion to the explorer in the riders. These motorcycles aren’t as intimidating and will be something for new riders on which they can get adventurous with. Both the LRF250 and LRF250M comes with a price tag of Rs. 6,05,000/-. Overall, these twins will not disappoint and will be something to look forward to the growth of the motorcycle industry. With so many brands out there in the market, Lemoto is now another option, giving more choices to choose from to all the motorcycle enthusiasts.





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