Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul. As clichéd and overused as the saying may be there is some truth to it. We’re not taking anything away from cars though, there is plenty of fun to be had in them if you use them properly; but there is good reason to why the idea of chasing the horizon on a motorcycle has captivated so many people. Explaining this feeling to someone who has never ridden a motorcycle except for the sole purpose to get from point A to B is difficult, explaining it to those who have isn’t necessary. Nevertheless, adventure motorcycling has had a strong following the world over.

Not ones to fall behind, Nepal has had its share of passionate riders; Madhav Sharma set out to on a world tour on his Honda CG 125 in 1997. Through all obstacles, a broken foot and legal constraints and more, Madhav made it to Europe and back. It is an inspirational story for any motorcyclist, but the fact that he had to do it on a tiny 125cc engine sheds light on the dearth of touring motorcycles in the market. The good news is the adventure motorcycle trend is catching on in our part of the world.

Royal Enfield got the ball rolling with The Himalayan which we had the chance to test out last month, and there is another offering from Mahindra that fills in the same gap: The Mahindra Mojo. Truth be told, the Mojo has been in the making for 5 years; that’s how long it took for it to go from a concept to a production model. With half a decade of Mahindra’s engineering efforts, the Mojo is here to represent the automobile makers in the adventure touring frontier.



The Mahindra Mojo is an acquired visual taste for many, it’s like the bitterness of coffee that you begin to like and love only after some time. But for some it’s just a bitter beverage that doesn’t fall under their consideration set at all. At our office, this discussion led to an all out debate and we had to wind things up before things got too heated. One thing we could all agree on was that the Mojo was distinctive.


The Mahindra Mojo gets bug-eyed twin headlamp with DRLs sitting on top with a short visor extending above it. A, how do we put it… ‘rib like chassis segment’ (twin pipes) flow under a massive chiseled fuel tank, that still belies its 21 liter capacity. The forks, chassis and swingarms get a golden color that stood out from the black color of the Mojo we were testing.


Move along to the side and you notice the massive front disc, the beefy upside down forks with a triple clamp for added rigidity and the radiator shrouds with silver fins. The back end tapers to a narrower design with LED tail lamps in the rear. What get the attention of many will be the twin exhausts (despite being a single cylinder unit), Pirelli Diablo Rossi II tyres and 320mm front discs that are the largest in the segment.


The Mahindra Mojo employs a semi-digital instrument console with a plethora of details on tap. It also records the top speed achieved by the motorcycle. Actually, there’s plenty of gizmos on the Mojo that justifies their five years of fiddling. They have the roll-over sensor, which will cut off the fuel supply if it detects a sudden change in the bike’s angle to drastic levels and rear wheel lift in case of a crash. There’s also a limp home mode which limits the engine speed to a maximum of 5000 RPM, in case any sort of malfunction happens on the bike. The fit and finish quality is also of top quality.

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Mahindra have emphasized on the fact that the Mahindra Mojo is a sports-tourer and it lives up to the claims. The 292cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine makes a maximum power of 27bhp at 8,000rpm, and a maximum torque of 3kgm at 5,500rpm. It has a refined engine that doesn’t feel jumpy but rather exerts a linear rate of power through the rev ranges, pulling with vigor after 3000rpm.


You’ll get to triple digits briskly and won’t complain if you decide to cruise at the speeds. You won’t complain either, on account of the plush and comfortable seating and riding position that the Mojo offers. But considering the lack of road space and road conditions you’re better off taking it easy at 80-90kmph.


Taking into account the fact that it falls on the heavier side of the spectrum it feels incredibly agile once it gets moving. Thanks to the amazing Pirelli rubbers the machine feels extremely well planted  and stable through the straights and corners. The massive upside down forks up front and monoshock unit in the back did a good job of absorbing road undulations and providing sublime ride quality. Stopping power is one of the best in the segment too attributable to the 320mm petal discs up front and conventional discs on the rear as well; no ABS present though.


Mahindra met with a lot of scrutiny when they revealed the concept Mojo in 2010, but they stuck to their guns and came back five years later with a well refined tourer. And the extra deliberation might have been necessary considering the increasing lucrative nature of the segment. Royal Enfield already has a strong holding and Bajaj are raring to go with their Dominar, which means the Mojo has its work cut out for it.


Now, they’ve gone with a quirky design philosophy which is a hit or miss with the public. But what everyone can agree on is its performance and cohesion with the segment requirements. The Mojo is a mile muncher in every sense of the word and for anyone looking to get one for the purpose it’s not far off from the target.

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