Men are visual creatures; we get excited by what we see. And the MG6 is quite the looker! We could not take our eyes of it when we received our test unit in full black! It was just drop dead gorgeous! The aggressive front, the curvy lines and the sporty back had us giddy with excitement. In fact, we were pretty much taken by the beauty of the MG6 the entire time. We weren’t the only ones who admired the MG6, by the end of the day we managed to strain a few necks of onlookers who couldn’t help but turn their heads towards this beauty.


Morris Garage, a British automobile marquee, has undergone several ownership changes. The assets of MG Rover were bought by Chinese carmaker Nanjing Automobile in July 2005, subsequently bought by SAIC in December 2007, which now operate a UK subsidiary, MG Motor. In Nepal, Morris Garage is being distributed by SLR Techno & Trade Pvt Ltd. The MG6 sits in between the luxury sedans class and definitely looks the part. But time and again life has taught us not to fall blindly for pretty things. We had to make sure that the MG6 wasn’t just eye candy, and here is what we came up with.


For anyone who missed out on what we said earlier, we loved how MG’6 looks. The sexiness quotient of the MG6 is off the roof. It’s dominated with sharp and bold lines from the front to back and the fact that it came in black helped.


The MG badge sits on the center of a slim barred grille that tapers upwards to the hexagonal bi-Xenon headlights. The projector lights follow the direction of the steering to illuminate the roads better. Muscular character lines run from the grille across the bonnet to the windshield.


In line to its fastback design, the roof line smoothly slopes onto the bumper. With extended length and nice rims filling out the wheel arches, the MG6 exuded class and sedan exclusivity.


Things are kept conventional at the rear with large LED tail lams with integrated indicators. Rear bumpers get a touch of honey combed grills under the rear reflectors.


(Scroll below for highlights)


When you enter the car a large seat with curved edges welcome you to its interior. The interior is a bit dark but looks very elegant and classy. Because the exterior of the car was so upscale, some plastic looking parts looked out of place. Unlike the traditional car keys you have to insert the key on the left side of the steering wheel and you don’t turn the key to start it you press it like a push to start button. Once the car is turned on, the 7inch touch infotainment system comes to life which acts as the GPS navigator and the rear parking camera’s display.


The car has ample of room for both the front row and the 2nd row of seats. The passengers on the rear get very comfortable seats with a center arm rest. The boot is pretty big too and will be able to comfortably transport most of your luggage. Getting in the car is no problem but getting out proved to be a little challenging at first due to that fact that the lock/unlock switch was not present on the door handle. It was situated in the center console of the car. The seats are electronically adjusted to finding the perfect position and are easy to operate.


It’s a feature packed affair inside the MG6. One thing that we noticed that was missing was the handbrake, it has been replaced by an electronic button that activates the brakes when needed. If you pull the small lever kind of button on it engages the handbrakes and if you push it down it disengages the handbrakes. This is a very convenient feature that helps in traffic jams. There is another feature that makes driving very convenient in the MG6 which is the auto hold feature, when the auto hold feature is turned on if you come to a complete stop then let go of the brakes without engaging this handbrake it will stop the car from rolling forward or backward.


The system also notifies you when you start the car without the wheel straight. The headlights turn on if it senses that it is starting to get dark. There are a host of safety features integrated to the MG like the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution), EBA (Emergency Brake Assist), SCS (Stability Control System), MSR (Motor control Slide Retainer), CBC (Curve Brake Control), TCS (Traction Control System), HAS (Hill-start Assist System), ITPMS (Indirect Tire Pressure Monitor System), BDC (Brake Disc Cleaning) and USD (Ultimate Stiffness Design)


The MG6 is as good to drive as it is to look at. Powered by a 1.8L Turbo Petrol engine producing 158HP @ 5500RPM and 215 NM of Torque @ 2000-4500 RPM the smooth running sedan switches from classy elegance to pouncing menace in a blink of an eye. We won’t blame you if you’re inclined to chase the horizon on this car but it’ll be just as compliant in transporting you to important business meetings.


The car has a DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) that makes shifting gears silky smooth. The automatic transmission works very well but the real fun is when you put the gear into drive and you move it to the right, that’s when the paddle shifters start working.


If we haven’t mentioned it before, we love paddle shifters. When you have control over the shifting you can feel the limits of the car and its true potential. The car produces enough torque for you to have some fun on the highways. It remains planted through corners and inspires confidence.



The MG6 starts at Rs. 57,50,000 and the top end model which we test drive costs Rs. 61,75,000. If you are look for an entry level luxury sedan, the MG6 should definitely make your list of options.


It looks stunning, is very comfortable, performs well and has a host of features. It is an all-round package which will turn heads where ever you take it.

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