Pulsar Dare Venture : A Bike Reality Show


Punam Singh
Marketing Head
HH Bajaj

The Pulsar Dare Venture has itself pegged as the first bike reality show of the nation to document the daring endeavours of 10 contestants to conquer the trails of Upper Mustang. Acclaimed for its urban capabilities, Bajaj Pulsar is a veteran on the tarmac. This fete is all set to break these boundaries.

There were so many things could go wrong, ranging from logistics to the risk of coming off as an under par spin-off of the Roadies. Definitely a first of its kind, this venture has Bajaj’s work cut out for them.

A regular brainstorming session in the HH Bajaj office sparked a potentially revolutionizing idea in the Nepali auto and media industry. Initial plans were to execute a ride in an exotic location, all expenses paid for Bajaj Pulsar owners. With a core concept in mind, the Bajaj team explored the terrains of Nepal looking for a suitable location.

To go about things in the proper manner, Bajaj sought out the help of Bikers Nepal. For these ride Marshalls, this was right down their alley. “We started looking for potential riders to lead the ride, but we knew that getting inexperienced riders to do the task would be a mistake. We were not going to take any chances” explained Punam Singh, head of marketing at HH Bajaj.

With a capable team at hand and safety issues addressed, the matter of destination was next on the agenda. Although Lomanthan was the first choice, its altitude played a major role in making the team reconsider their choice. Taking into account the fact that the participants would not be professional riders, the altitude and difficulty might have been an issue.

After further discussions and trial runs, Chaile of Upper Mustang was nominated as the final destination. It took three months to get things set up and on the road.

Of course, one of the glaring factors that stood out in the equation was the question of the motorcycle’s capabilities. Punam clarified the issue: “Yes, it is very good for the road. If we had chosen a very heavier bike like the Pulsar 220, it would be difficult for the bikers, had we chosen a 150cc model it would have been underpowered for the purpose. We selected the 180cc for the participants, given the fact that it presented the best weight to power ratio for the trip.”

Having received the approval, the only modification made to the bikes was the removal of the centre stand to give the motorcycle a slight increase in ground clearance. The Marshalls would be leading the group on the Pulsar 200 NS. With the NS featuring an underbelly exhaust, this would be a crucial test for the motorcycle.

The main priority, was rightfully the safety factor of the participants. The entire crew was comprised of 10 riders and 30 members with 3 Marshalls, paramedics, mechanics and 10 people just from the television crew. Marshalls were put in charge of maintaining discipline and safety gear. The safety wear including jackets, boots and other gear was provided by the company to ensure proper safety.

The 10 participants, who were selected after a set of gruelling selection processes, were provided with a Pulsar 180 each. Winners would be judged on the basis of popularity. Other categories included most disciplined and most daring which would be decided by the jury panel.

Chaile falls amongst some of the most rural areas and lacks proper health facilities with the nearest health post an hour away from the village. Bajaj associated with VAYODHA hospital and with their help set up a health camp and provided a free health check-up for all the villagers. To help them in the long run, they provided them with some basic health tips and first aid kits.

They also painted a school at Jomsom. The participants were a part of everything from distributing the first aid kit to painting the schools. Further CSR campaigns, like the traffic volunteering in Pokhara and distribution of gift hampers at a disability centre at Gokarna took place.

The first ever motorcycle reality show is all set to make this an annual event. After the finale on the 27th November they will open the sponsorship for Dare Venture II and take it on till September. Also, the new destination will be confirmed by January.

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