NTORQEveryone has a vision, but the rejection from society is intimidating and bounds us therefore, we fail to act on it. But once in a while we see something that inspires and motivates us to grow stronger than our fears and excuses. Like Dr.Martin Luther King Jr for example, the man who brought an end to racism in US, started out with a dream and a vision of civil & economic rights. As such, TVS too has taken a fearless step towards innovation and has set a new benchmark with its all new scooter, the Ntorq.

NTORQIt has been a while since the scooter market hasn’t seen any major updates; each year manufacturers launch new products but with no prominent changes. LED headlamps and disc brakes are what can be considered major updates. However, with the introduction of the Ntorq, comes an all new standard set for scooters in our market. The Ntorq comes loaded with features that all scooters and even most motorcycles of this generation miss. It promises excitement and thrill without compromising your wallet.

When we went to pick up the Ntorq, judging from the way the salesperson explained its new features, we could tell he was really excited about them! So keep reading to find out what they are.


Just from the way it looks, you can tell it already that it’s a sporty scooter. Everything on the Ntorq screams athleticism; the body is sculpted with razor sharp edges and aggressive design elements. The dual tone color combination of the Ntorq makes it an immediate eyecatcher on the streets. TVS has offered the Ntorq in two different color series, Matt and Metallic. The Matt series Ntorq comes in yellow, white, green and red while the Metallic series comes in grey and blue.

NTORQAt the front, you get a stylish batwing shaped DLRs which is mounted in an arrow shaped angular headlamp, followed by the turn indicators housed at the top on the handlebars. NTORQNTORQAt the rear, you get T-shaped LED tail-light accompanied by faux air vents which resemble jet plane exhausts. After all TVS has derived the design taking inspiration from a stealth aircraft. However, you can get the racing vibe from its carbon fiber texture on the front console panel and seats.NTORQ

NTORQTalking about its features, TVS has loaded the Ntorq with cool new features such as Bluetooth connected speedometer, multi-ride stat modes (street and sports), riding statistics, navigation assist, in-built lap and last lap timer, last parked location assist, service reminder, trip meter and engine temperature indicator. However, the Smartxonnect feature is something that makes this scooter stand out even further. TVS has even developed a dedicated mobile application which enables the rider to personalize the welcome message and get notifications of incoming calls, missed calls and even auto reply SMS.

NTORQTo be honest, TVS has done a great job of thinking outside the box. The new scooter already stands tall with sporty design and new technological features but it also didn’t let us down on in other important factors. While many companies have been busy cutting down on cost, TVS has done that and also provided us with all the things that we need and more. Ntorq gets an engine kill switch, which is unheard of in any other scooter to this date. Furthermore, we also get pass by switch on a headlight toggle switch and LED lights in the massive 22 liters storage compartment which also comes with a USB charger. Now, that’s probably a whole new benchmark.


TVS Ntorq’s 124.79 cc 3 Valve engine produces 9.1BHP @ 7500 RPM, 10.5Nm Torque @ 5500 RPM and will do a top speed of 95kmph. The initial 0-45 kmph mark is smooth, but past that mark is when the torque unleashes and the scooter feels lively and pumped. When you twist the throttle the engine automatically switches from Eco mode to Power mode, providing you every bit of the 10.5 Nm torque. However, after 85kmph speed, the scooter feels out of breath and slow climb to the top speed of 95 kmph begins.

NTORQThere is zero vibration, minimal at worst, from the engine while riding out there on the roads. The scooter is refined and takes the DNA from the racing pedigree of TVS Racing title. Inside the city and on the highway, the Ntorq has enough power to keep you ahead of most other scooters. NTORQThe most interesting part about this new scooter is the economic value it provides without compromising the performance. Despite being a performance scooter, TVS has claimed that Ntorq will give you 60kmpl.


TVS Ntorq has aced the feature department and that a scooter for this generation, its far ahead and in the braking department you have 220 mm petal disc brake at the front which has an amazing feedback at every squeeze of the lever, we have no complaints about it. However, at the rear we have 130mm drum brake, which lacked the same feedback and it has the tendency to lock out. As for the suspension, Ntorq comes equipped with gas filled hydraulic, coil spring telescopic suspension and at the rear spring loaded hydraulic suspension which acutely copes with any corners and any road conditions.NTORQNTORQ We are impressed how TVS has adjusted the suspension on this scooter. As our roads are far from being smooth, it handled pretty well on uneven roads even when pushed to maximum lean angles. And as for the bumpy everyday exciting pothole ridden roads, the suspension was soft enough to provide a comfortable and plush ride.


Thanks to the double stitched hysteresis seat , the Ntorq probably has some of the seats which is wide enough for both the rider and pillion. There is enough space on the footboard where you can stretch your legs with a backpack and still enjoy the ride. The steering feels smooth and easy to maneuver because of the balanced 116kg kerb weight of this scooter. NTORQFurthermore, the chunky 100/0 section at the front and 110/0 sections at the rear tyre give plenty of amazing grips to tackle any corners. On high speeds, the scooter gives a lot of feedback to the rider and is easy to change direction because of stability and body build.


TVS Ntorq has to be one of the best scooters out there in the market, which provides tons of features that no other model possess in this segment. Plus, it is easy on your pockets regarding the fuel consumption and price. As TVS has stated that this scooter is for the younger generation looking for thrill and fun in scooter segment, Ntorq has surely kept their words.NTORQ But we can say that, this scooter will appeal to an audience wider than that of just millennial. Surely, TVS has come up with more than just a product this year; the Ntorq has so much to offer with things we didn’t even knew we need. Thus, it has set benchmark of how the next generation vehicles must be.NTORQ



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