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Today there are various motorcycle groups in Nepal who are dedicated to taking the concept of freestyle riding to the next level, amongst their other motorcycling interests. Here we bring to you, some of the groups in Nepal that have been doing their bit to raise the stunt bar in the local scene. We wish these promising stunters all the best and hope to see these clubs prosper in the longer run, hence taking freestyle riding to higher professional heights in Nepal.

**Please do note that the below placed ordering of the groups does no relate to the respective groups standing/position/status in any kind of order. The ordering is solely based on an alphabetical format. All the information and photos in this feature is courtesy of the respective group and their members.



Adventure Riders Group was established in 2010 and the group currently has a total of 20 active members. Nasir Hussain leads the group as the President of this motorcycle club. The Adventure Riders Group a.k.a All Nepal Biking and Stunting Community is credited to have been the first to introduce a taste of international level stunting to the local crowd. So far, they have already organized three International Stunt Shows with capable performers like MTV Stuntmania winners Saurabh Handa and Trilochan Singh participating along with their local crew. The group has also successfully executed Nepal’s first ever Stunt Reality Show – MOTO MADNESS. The competition was nationally aired on Terai Television.


Nasir Hussain / 9813089163

Sushil Shrestha / 9803041257

Official Page:



Flo Riderz Motorcycle Club (F.R.M.C) was founded back in June 2008. The club now boasts of a total of 104 members from all around Nepal, with Aashish Niroula as their current President. Depending on the skills and interests of members, they are further divided into Adventure Riders, Stunt Riders, Social Riders and General Members. As an encouragement to the enthusiastic stunters, the club has a collective fund which helps bear at least 50% of the total cost, in the case of damage to man or machine. FRMC highly believes that motorcycling is a powerful and positive agent of change, not just for an individual, but for the society too. And a concrete testament to this belief is their various efforts in organizing and participating in various social awareness campaigns like blood donations, charity, sanitation, road safety, etc. Flo Riderz also wishes to promote Nepal in general as a popular adventure destination to the rest of the world.


Aashish Niroula / 9840060244

Shashank Bhandari / 9841297685

Official Page:



KTM Street Riders was established in 2009, with the mission to form a skilled and capable motorcycle stunt riding group. Today, the team is well known among the biking fraternity in the country for their commitments in motorcycle stunting. Under the leadership of Kapil Goenka, the team now comprises of a total of 25 members, including the members of their KTM Street Riders Cycling Team. Ever since their inception, the team has already participated in various Stunt Shows around the country and executed stunt scenes for some Kollywood movies. The team members are also regularly involved in volunteering for various social/community services and events.


Manish Shrestha / 9808983740

Gourav Pathak / 9841961542

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Notorious Speederzz was formed in the year 2009. The motorcycle club has a total of 35 members, of which twelve are actively involved in freestyle riding. The team functions under the leadership of their club President Amit Bassi. As of now, the group has already managed to organize and participate in one stunt show, by the name of Notorious Street Beats. The team believes in developing a positive aspect towards motorcycle stunting in the society, along with evolving their stunt abilities.


Sudhir Ghimire / 9843192228

Yuvraj Sapkota / 9841888770

Official Page:



Riders of Faith (ROF) came into inception in 2011. The club now has 15 active members who are dedicated in taking the club to a whole new level in the stunt scene of Nepal. With Anish Rajbhandari as their President, ROF has so far independently organized one Stunt Show and jointly participated in various other Stunt Shows. ROF is one of the youngest motorcycle club involved in motorcycle stunting and aims to establish motorcycle stunting as a professional sport in Nepal. Apart from focusing on safe riding, the club also plans to organize more Stunt Shows and charity related events.


Neekesh Sainju / 9843011757

Bishal Karki / 9841786323

Official Page:



Riders Unified was established back in 2010 and claims to have already performed in more than 30 Stunt Shows in various parts of Nepal. The ultimate goal of the team is to develop motorcycle stunts as a lucrative sport in Nepal. Currently the core team comprises of 20 members and the club is lead by Dipesh Shrestha as their President. Some of the club members have even performed motorbike stunts for Kollywood movies like Lafada, Promise and Birata ko Chino. The senior team members are involved in training various interested stunters too.


Dipesh Shrestha / 9841521412

Rashik Karmacharya / 9849135727

Official Page:

Ryderz Of Bhaktapur


Ryderz of Bhaktapur (R.O.B) was founded in 2009 and is currently led by its founder President Bijay Ratna Bajracharya. Though R.O.B is based from Bhaktapur, the club is open to open to riders from all around Nepal. They now have a total of 50 registered members. R.O.B is making rapid progress especially in the stunting arena and they have already participated in a handful of local Stunt Shows. They also occasionally take part in group rides and events frequently organized by motorcycling communities around the country. Apart from the various aspects of motorcycling, the club highly focuses on organizing various social awareness and charity events too.


Bijay Ratna Bajracharya / 9841257233

Rajesh Kawan / 9851136341

Official Page:

Team Nemesis


Team Nemesis was established back in 2010 and is currently the most successful and popular stunt group in Nepal. Professionally, the team is the first ever to have organized a sponsored and official public motorcycle stunt event in Nepal. Team Nemesis has managed various Stunt Shows, Racing Challenges and Public Road Safety Briefings in different parts of the country, especially in support with Yamaha Nepal. The team is led by Tshering Phuntsok Thakuri and all its members are dedicated to taking motorcycle sports to the next level. The team serves as a prime example to other upcoming stunt groups with their official accomplishments.


Tshering Phuntsok Thakuri / 9841233324

Suwash Khadka / 9841260448

Official Page:

Team Osiris


In 2008, a simple FaceBook page dedicated to promoting/sharing the modification of motorcycles was created by a couple of youngsters from Dharan. After the increase in followers of the page, Team Osiris came into inception with the initiation of like-minded members of the page. Jointly led by Firoz Limbu and Sarad Lawati Limbu, Team Osiris has so far performed stunts in a total of 6 shows around Nepal. Like most stunts groups in Nepal, the team members are also involved in spreading the message of road safety and makes sure that the funds generated from their participation in shows are also directed towards noble social causes.


Firoz Limbu / 9807077498

Rewan Limbu / 9819326199

Official Page:

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