TEST RIDE | CROSSOVER TO DUALITY : TEKKEN 250When it comes to motorcycles, we always want something that can do everything and try to get the best out of the bike for the price that we are paying for. Motorcycles are something that needs to be purposeful and functional specially with the roads that we are graced with in Nepal. By saying that, we mean the unexpected broken trails up the hills and highways that are patched up with all sorts of potholes. This means that we need motorcycles that are equally capable to tackle all of such road conditions. At the same time, people aren’t looking for something that’s too premium and want to go for something that’s easier on the pocket; something that’s as accessible and affordable as a basic commuter and something that is functional so to speak of. Basically, all of this means that people are looking for something that is the best of all that we just talked about, and SLR Techno and Trade Pvt. Ltd. have brought the perfect machine for the occasion, the all new crossover, Tekken 250.

The Tekken 250 by Motorhead is a completely new addition to the crossover market and a fresh new machine that’s yet to be fully exploited. Generally, crossover motorcycle is a combination of both an on-road and off-road bike with qualities and capabilities of both. In this sense, crossovers are something that we believe are really practical. But does the Tekken has what it takes to be a functional crossover? We find out in this review where we pit the Tekken up against all the terrains that it claims to conquer.


At a first glance, the Tekken 250 has a menacing stance and has pulled off quite a nice dual sport design. With high front fenders and a tall rear section, the design cues on the motorcycle gives out an adventurous vibe. From a distance, the Tekken looks huge with the beefy tires, both at the front and rear. However, moving in closer, the motorcycle doesn’t seem to be as imposing as it looks and a few bits and parts misses out on the sturdiness that a crossover needs to have. By saying that, we don’t mean to say the bike isn’t a good looker but Motorhead has definitely produced a mean looking motorcycle. The Tekken has an appeal to itself that eventually grows on you. The tank shrouds coupled with the high fender gives the front an aggressive look and the headlight assembly with the LED DLRs just add more weight to the design. Even the rear section of the motorcycle looks quite impressive with the dual exhaust setup. On the features end, the Tekken receives an all-digital console, that comes loaded with a speedometer, trip meter, odometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, time and even a gear position indicator. The overall console is on par with the quality of the bike but a few plastic holdings and the material could have been a little sturdier. The motorcycle receives upside down forks up front and comes equipped with a mainshock absorber at the rear. The Tekken is a very simplistic machine and not much has been done to overload the bike with tons of technology. However, it does miss out on ABS which we believe needs to be an essential on motorcycles these days.


It seems that the 250cc segment for motorcycles has been really hot at the moment. We are seeing new and exciting offerings in the quarter liter segment and the Tekken is an all new addition to this market. However, the motorcycle is powered by a 223cc single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled engine that produces a maximum power of 16.7bhp @8000rpm and a maximum torque of 17Nm @6500rpm. Even though, being a 223cc motorcycle, the Tekken does have the grunt to fair against others in the 250cc segment. It might not be the fastest but still offers an impressive performance.

Mated to a 6-speed gearbox, the engine on the Tekken seems to have adequate amount of torque in the midrange and the power delivery is laid back. This means that the motorcycle has enough juice for the adrenaline junkies to have fun with and at the same time feeling tamed and controlled. Being a carbureted, air cooled engine, the bike did heat up every once in a while, during uphill trails and during high revs. It seemed like the bike was better off in mid-rev ranges and seemed to be really stressed in higher revs. Overall, the motorcycle had enough power and good torque to conquer off-roads and tackle corners efficiently.


The Tekken gets hydraulic disc brakes both at the front and back. The rear brake had quite a nice initial bite to it and the response from the rear was quite impressive. However, the brakes at the front had more of a progressive feel to it but misses out on the initial bite. But we feel that the stopping power on the motorcycle was just adequate. Moving on, the Tekken gets upside down forks up front and a monoshock absorber at the rear. The front suspensions weren’t too stiff nor were they too plush and handled undulations on the roads pretty well. However, the case in not the same with the rear suspension though. The rear monoshock seemed to be more on the stiffer side and wasn’t quite well with while going on bumpy roads, you could actually feel the thud from the back end. But it did help on roads for the motorcycle to carve into corners.


At first, when you saddle the motorcycle, the seating position feels weird with the wide upright handles and somehow the seats feel low even at 820mm. But once you get used to the riding position, the motorcycle starts to feel more comfortable and seats are feel cushioned. We took the motorcycle to complete off-roads to test it to its fullest, and even on some of the most rugged terrains, the motorcycle was quite stable and handled pretty well. The bike seemed to be well balanced and it was even easy to up your foot down and bring the bike up with ease. Even on muddy roads, the beefy dual-purpose tires kept bike from losing its traction and held up pretty well up against almost anything that we threw at it. And not just that, but the bike even handled pretty well on pitched roads. Well, it doesn’t allow for all out race inspired cornering but certainly gets the job done. Overall, there wasn’t much that the bike couldn’t handle. Only one sore thumb about the motorcycle was the stiff rear suspension but we are pretty sure that with a few tweaks here and there, playing around with the preload adjustment will get the job done.


The Tekken certainly proved to be a very functional and practical crossover motorcycle in our books. It was surprising how well the motorcycle performed and exceeded our expectations of the Tekken. We were thoroughly impressed how easy it was to handle the motorcycle and how it managed to keep itself balance. All in all, we believe that the Tekken is a capable new entry in the 250cc crossover segment. Not just that but SLR Techno and Trade have just hit the sweet spot by pricing the Tekken at Rs. 3,50,000/-. Overall, the Tekken seems to be a force to be reckoned with and will be a strong contender in the motorcycle industry.




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