The Automotive Designer – Siddhartha Kazami

 Trying to explain his work in just a few pages of this magazine definitely does no justice to the awesomeness of his intricate and well-detailed and well-detailed designs. Siddhartha Kazami Sakya was passionate about sketching and most things automotive from an early age. Although it started as an initial interest to modify his dad’s Nissan Pick-up and his Bajaj Avenger motorcycle, he is now headed towards professionally becoming an Automotive Designer.

Yonten Yonjan from AutoLife briefly caught up with this 22-year old passionate individual, who we strongly feel could emerge as probably Nepal’s first Automotive Designer.




AL: How did you decide to study Automotive Designing?

SKS: My mom being a painter, I grew up sketching, drawing and painting. I was actually looking forward to be a good painter myself. But, after completion of my under graduate studies, I went on to study interior designing. Unfortunately, at the end of the course I met with an accident and could not appear for the exam. With a strong belief that everything happens for a good reason, I joined Kathmandu University’s School of Arts and Design after my recovery. Though passionate about sketching, clay modelling, photography, drawing and painting, I still could not find that right spark in this field of study. So it was after this that I changed track and followed by dream of getting into Automotive Designing by joining DSK ISD International School of Design, India in 2012.


AL: How was your performance at the DSK ISD International School of Design?

SKS: I managed to distinguish myself early on by designing unique motor vehicles designs that easily garnered attention. The pre-learned knowledge and experience from the interior designing course and a year at KU School of Arts and Designs helped a lot in speeding up the learning process.


AL: Can you walk us through how an automotive designing process begins?

SKS: Basically, there are three main aspects – the exterior design, the interior design, and colour/trim design.  All the designs are derived from inspirations we get from what we see around. This inspiration is also called ‘moods’.  For instance, I designed the Mitsubishi concept by gathering inspirations from the katana sword, long rides which I frequent, shark nose, origami and other things.  The designing process starts from your abstract mind to hundreds of rough sketches. The final sketches are then fed into the computer for further intricate detailing and design rectification. The best of the few designs are then made into miniature size clay model and presented as a concept vehicle.


AL: What are your future plans?

SKS: I wish to complete my Masters in this same field of study and extensively work with big automobile companies. Then later I would like to open my own Design Studio in Nepal. I want to promote Automobile Designing as new and lucrative career choice for the new generation of Nepalese students. I would also love to contribute my design inputs to our one and only automobile manufacturing company Hulas.





Siddhartha Kazami Sakya can be reached at siddharthaa.kazami@gmail.com

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