The Traffic Week 2012

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division had organised an awareness week with initiatives ranging from traffic awareness to sanitation campaigns in Kathmandu Valley on the occasion of the 7th Metropolitan Police Day. The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division and its branch offices in the valley successfully conducted the Traffic Week from November 22-29, 2012. The awareness week meant to minimise the loss of lives and properties in traffic accidents, included cultural rallies, display of banners with traffic awareness messages, new regulations and pamphlet distributions.




To mark the beginning of the Traffic Week, a huge rally was organized with support from different social organizations and under the inauguration of the Inspector General of Police, Kuber Singh Rana. The participants of the rally held banners and placards with various slogans for raising public awareness on traffic rules and road safety written on them. The week long programs ranged from Traffic Policemen riding on public vehicles to educate traffic rules, pollution test on vehicles, public interaction sessions, a motorcycle rally, dramas and documentary screenings, health camp on orthopaedics, eye check up camps for drivers/helpers, free distribution of face masks to display of publicity materials on the importance of various traffic rules. In addition to these activities, personnel from Traffic FM 95.6 MHz indulged in conducting several live awareness programs at various places. Various traffic awareness hoarding boards were also removed from most areas in the Valley as many of the billboards, put up by sponsors to spread traffic awareness to the general public, were rather being misused mainly for commercial gains. Along with the Traffic Police, students of various schools and colleges joined hands as volunteers to help in educating and enforcing traffic rules at various points around the capital. Thoughtfully, candles were also lighted in the closing ceremony of the event, to wish eternal peace to all those departed souls killed in road accidents. The Metropolitan Traffic Police Sector of Durbar Marg was awarded for Best Performance in Traffic Management. Addressing the concluding session of the Traffic Week, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar lauded the role of police in traffic management and expressed belief that the Traffic Week would help reduce road accidents.




New  Traffic Regulations

In order to manage the traffic congestion and enhance behavioural aspect of both traffic police and the people in the Kathmandu valley, the Metropolitan Traffic Police unveiled a few priorities after the closing of the Traffic Week which will come into effect very soon. Here is a look at some of the major one:




– Campaigns against driving under influence (DUI) to get stricter. The police will test drivers for DUI both during days and late into the nights. The records of drunk drivers will be archived and maintained in the Police Clearance Report, which is necessary for people going abroad. The license of the drivers who are caught driving under influence more than five times will be suspended.

– A tighter control to be implemented for obtaining driving license. Those seeking licenses will have to give trial on the same type of vehicle that they want to get license for. As per the new regulations, the aspirants might have to match even the engine power of the vehicle.




– Extra efforts will be made to bridge the lapses in understanding and implementation of traffic rules. Initiatives will be taken to make people more aware about traffic rules and implement them strictly to minimize accidents. The general public can also address their grievances directly to the Metropolitan Traffic Police Chief every Sunday of the week from 2-3pm on Metro Traffic Police FM 95.6.

– Plain clothed traffic police, including high ranking officers, will be deployed in public vehicles of various routes in the valley to teach traffic related rules to passengers and drivers and to check on violations. A sizable number of traffic cops in civvies will be out on the road as well to keep vigil on rule violators who play hide and seek with on-duty cops in uniform.

– To set up a fixed maximum speed limit within the valley and monitor violators through the use of radar guns. A maximum speed limit of 60kmph has already been fixed for the Koteshwor-Suryabinayak section of the Arniko Highway. Traffic policemen will also penalize drivers/riders who violate the proper lane riding/driving regulations and stress on the disciplined use of roads.




– To strictly regulate the modification on motorbikes and vehicles, unwanted parking, pick-up and drop activities and financial irregularities within the institution by making financial transactions and sponsorships transparent.



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