Tips For A Spotless Exterior


Never wash your vehicle immediately after a long drive. It’s best to wash in a shaded area and make sure your vehicles surface is cool. If your car is hot, the soap suds will dry too quickly and stain the surface, requiring another wash.

Pre-soak your vehicle properly to remove every heavy dirt components on the surface as well as under the body.

Use two buckets. Fill one with water only and the other with a combination of water and a mild liquid soap or best a good car washing shampoo. Get hold of a soft car-washing cloth or sponge and get started. Always dip your cloth or sponge in the bucket with water only, before putting it back in the soapy bucket to re-soap. This way you will start with a bucket of clean soap and end with a bucket of clean soap.

Wash one section at a time, and then rinse it off so that it doesn’t dry up. Start with the roof of the car and then proceed to the hood and the rear. Next, clean the upper sections of the sides and finally the lower areas, which invariably have the most dirt. If you clean the lower sections first, you’ll wash the dirt from the top of the car back down onto the lower parts. More importantly when you start from bottom, you run the risk of having small pieces of debris stuck to your sponge, and could scratch the vehicle. Rinse your vehicle thoroughly.

Use a different cloth and a soft brush to clean the rims, tires and wheel arches. Using a separate cloth here will reduce the chance that you’ll scratch the car’s paint with brake dust and dirt you pick up from the rims and tires. Be very cautious when cleaning wheels, especially if the car has just been driven in. Wheels can be extremely hot especially if it uses high-performance brakes.

Then make sure that you have properly washed off the soap from every component and rinsed the car with water properly. Then park your vehicle in a sunny and clean area. Immediately dry your vehicle with a clean water absorbing cloth to prevent water spots. Keep squeezing the cloth in the process to remove excess water.

After the car has dried and is spotless, get hold of a good exterior car wax which protects the surface of the vehicle and provides great gloss and protection. Apply it generously in a circular pattern all over the metal body parts. Make sure that you do not miss out any spots.

Get hold of a dry cotton cloth and thoroughly rub over the wax. Your car should now be shining like it just rolled out of the showroom and you are good to roll out of your house as a proud owner of your sparkling vehicle.


PS: For a thorough underbody and engine bay wash, you will though have to approach a professional car washing centre like AutoSpa, that have pressurized water hose to remove all that dried up debris.

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