Trip To The End Of The World



Well, the 2012 doomsday prophecy could be completely bogus. The Mayans could have it all wrong. Maybe they got tired of working on their calendars and had actually stopped. So maybe the world won’t end on December 21, 2012 and we will laugh at how strung up we were about the ‘apocalypse’. HAHAHA! But what if…? We all have plans and dreams that we set aside to fulfil some other day, for tomorrow. So what if tomorrow never comes?




Clidanor Cano is not going to take any risks. The Argentinean, who has been living in Poland, does not want to miss out on life. He is an adrenaline addicted traveller who has also participated in various race competitions like the Infernal Moto Race 2009, Rage Race 2010 and MT Rally 2011. And what better way to experience life to the fullest than to travel the world on a motorcycle. With that entire hullabaloo about the world coming to an end, Clidanor decided to stop procrastinating about his dream and get at it. So, at the spur of the moment, he straddled his 2011 Ducati Multistrada 1200S Pikes Peak Edition and is travelling the globe to his version of the “end of the world”. The end of the world Cano refers to is a train station in Ushuaia, Argentina located at the southernmost tip of South America. Clidanor aims to reach the end of the world before the world ends on December 21, 2012, right before the ship hits the fan.




We were lucky to have caught up with him on his brief stop in Nepal. Turns out he had embarked on his journey on the 1st of April, 2012 from Warsaw, Poland. His planned route is Poland – Slovakia – Hungary – Romania – Bulgaria – Turkey – Iran – United Arab Emirates – Pakistan – India – Nepal – Thailand – Cambodia – Laos – Vietnam – China – South Korea – Japan – Canada – U.S.A – Mexico – Guatemala – Honduras – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Panama – Colombia – Ecuador – Peru – Chile – Argentina. But on his way to Turkey, he encountered a little problem with his clutch. So unfortunately he had to make a detour to Italy to get it fixed. However, a pleasant turn of events took place as he got to meet Ducati’s MotoGP rider Nicky Hayden, who was kind enough to sign on the tank of Cano’s Multistrada. Furthermore, Hayden told Valentino Rossi about Clidanor’s journey and amazingly the other side of the tank got Rossi’s signature on it. The mechanical glitch turned out to be a blessing in disguise eventually.




He then got back on the saddle and continued his journey. Clidanor reached Nepal on the 13th of June 2012, from India with more than 16000kms clocked on his odometer from the beginning of his journey. He plans to stay a few days in Nepal before making his way to Thailand and continuing his journey to the End of The World. And best he makes good time, because if we are to believe the stories, this would be one deadline he would not like to miss. God Speed!


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