Your pupils dilated, your heart races, your sight gets narrower and narrower and there’s no other worldly concern in mind. All you process is what’s ahead of you and when you see that bend on the road you ready yourself to take the corner. The moment comes. Brake, downshift, begin lean, trail brake, and you let your body edge off the machine. Feel your knee graze ever so slightly over the tarmac and once you hit the apex, all you hear is the engine roar and an exhilarating rush as you accelerate in search for another turn.

All of which is the true experience of a sport bike. A machine designed for pure agility and acceleration. Rushing into straights like a mad man and flowing into bends like a soaring eagle. The sport bike is every motorcyclist’s dream and put TVS’ flagship racer, the Apache RR310. After more than 3 decades of racing heritage, the Indian company TVS designed and created a motorcycle that perfectly suits their racing heritage. Now our job is to test whether or not the Apache RR310 has got what it takes to give you that thrill.

Engine and Performance

The heart of the RR310 was made by TVS in conjunction with BMW Motorrad. Knowing the superior expertise BMW has with combustion engines, TVS has manufactured a brilliant engine that’s made to deliver outright performance and efficiency. The reversed inclined 312.2 cc, liquid cooled, 4 stroke, DOHC (Dual Over Head Camshaft) engine is tuned to produce an output of a maximum power of 34 bhp at 9700 rpm and a maximum torque of 27.3 Nm at 7700 rpm. The power figures have been adjusted to suit all sorts of riding conditions. Whether you’re filtering traffic in the city or unleashing its full potential out on the open roads, you won’t be disappointed. We found ourselves in plenty of instances where we reached triple digits speeds without realizing it! You’ll find power surging in around 4500-5000rpm but it really comes to life after 7000 rpm and that’s when the exhaust begins roaring to life. We really like how overtaking over taking in traffic is a breeze on the RR310.

The 6 speed gear box is slick and changes gears with ease. The transition in gears feel natural and even if you’re used to shifting on a 5 speed, the RR310’s 6 speed for some reason feels intuitive. Rushing like a mad man is also a thrill on the RR since we quickly found ourselves hitting triple digit speeds. We managed to get ourselves hitting a top speed of 142 kmph BUT we only on the day of returning the bike, found that it had the speed limiter set to 140 kmph so we strongly believe this bike can go much faster. However, we strongly advise you not to attempt such feats on public roads as it is reckless and a public hazard.


Taking in the title of TVS’s flagship motorcycle, the RR310 is a handsome motorcycle and arguably one of the best looking Indian motorcycles. The photogenic body work resembles cues from that of a shark like the head, the Bi-LED projector headlights and the pictorial fin like point at the rear. All of which is no surprise given that it was initially called the Akula (meaning Shark in Russian) during its concept phase.

The RR310’s vertically set instrument console initially was somewhat off putting because it isn’t your conventional console set up but we found it quickly grows on you plus it’s pretty easy to use. It tells a whole lot of information. Namely a trip timer, 0-60 timer, lap timer, Lap information, average speed, engine temperature, top speed tracker, total fuel consumption, average mileage, instant mileage indicator, total range, 2 trip meters, odometer, gear indicator and so much more!

One of the features is that TVS has a patented design for heat dissipation which this bike has. We found that for its segment, it does the job. After pushing it hard during the test ride, it RR310 didn’t feel like portable crotch sauna. The only weird thing we noticed is that although the heat dissipation feature negates most of the heat away from the rider, you do feel hot air teeming around the left side a little more for some reason.

The Apache RR310 comes with plenty of other features like the ABS, a hazard light switch, rear view mirror that works, wind tunnel tested aerodynamics or the lightweight body but more on that in the handling portion. One of the feature that stood out for us is the RR310 has a set of superb headlights. The Bi LED projector lamps brighten up the road during the dark to get you where you need to be safely. We noticed that the high beam throws light really up high which can project lights as high as 4 stories up.


Sport bikes are obviously fast but they also need to be able to swerve into corners at blinding speeds. However, the inclusion of those features are exclusively intended for the race track meaning that they’re designed for that single purpose. Track bikes are designed with aggressive ergonomics that leave

your wrists and back sore. So TVS made sure that the Apache RR310 got ergonomics that are friendly to the commuter. The position of the RR310 was relatively relaxed in comparison to other sport bikes yet allowed for easy transitions into the tuck position and the favorite, hanging off position for high speed knee drags. The fuel tank’s sculpted curves allows the rider to easily hang off the bike giving you all the more confidence in corners. Not only that, the RR310 is super stable in corners and smoothly eases into those bends. In the corners, the RR310 feels natural and intuitive. The relaxed ergonomics also lets you ride around longer. Given that and it’s power figures, it has potential for sport touring around some of the highways here in Nepal.

In the braking field, TVS gave the Apache RR310 a 300 mm disc at the front and the rear is a 240 mm disc. Both of which are equipped with Bybre calipers and comes with dual channel ABS. We found the brakes adequate for road use despite them lacking the instant bite. Perhaps we let that one slide with the addition

of ABS which really helps keep your mind at piece. Especially when our roads require riders and drivers to be ready for an emergency brake. Although we have to comment that the softness does feel easier on the fingers in the stop and go traffic. The set of Michelin Tires inspire confidence. Although takes a little while to heat up but it grips the tarmac well once it warms up.

The Apache RR310 comes with race tuned KYB suspension where it gets an upside-down fork in the front and a monoshock in the rear. The suspensions were soft enough to dampen the shocks from going over the rough roads we have, at the same time maintains that stability required in corners.

We had one of our team members on board the pillion seat and he didn’t have much to complain about while he was seated. In addition, the RR310 comes with a handle for pillions to hold on the right so it shouldn’t be too intimidating for pillions on a sport bike seat.

While riding at higher speeds, you can definitely tell that all those research hours in the wind tunnel TVS put the RR310 have been fruitful. The aerodynamic windshield is able to deflect most of the wind buffeting off your chest but you can feel it around the neck but, once you tuck in you won’t feel it at all.


For the duration of the test ride for the TVS RR310, it was one of the bikes we really had fun reviewing. The racing heritage of TVS is truly reflected in the Apache RR310 and the exhilarating experience you get from entering into corners is exceptional. The highlight for us would be its handling where you feel the bike naturally glide into bends with little effort on your part. Plus we also love how we did all that without our wrists and back going sore. Another thing we noticed were the heads turning towards the RR for a quick glance which all welcoming attention. At Rs.7,79,900, the TVS Apache RR310 definitely delivers every ounce of value where in you get the performance and thrill of owning a sport bike while still being friendly for city use.

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