The year of 1946 was full of historic moments and out of all those moments the one we relish the most in the birth of the Vespa. The Italian designers took inspiration from the styling of a wasp when they designed the Vespa, which translates to Wasp. It is also the only steel monocoque chassis scooter currently available in our country. The steel monocoque frame provides greater rigidity–delivering a superior ride and long-term durability. Also, the steel body lasts for generations; which is one of the reasons why you see some of the vintage Vespas from the ’50’s and ’60’s still around today.


Thanks to its classical heritage, Vespas have been selling like hot cakes in the country. The Vespa 125 VXL and the S models became an instant hit in the market as the mix of a classic Vespa styling on a modern motor infiltrated the wish list of a lot of enthusiasts and youngsters. Now, D-Lifestyles, the sole authorized distributor of Vespa scooters in Nepal, have introduced the bigger siblings of the 125 VXL and 125 S – the 150 VXL and the 150 SXL in the market. We find out if the 150 VXL and 150SXL will create a big of a stir like the 125 VXL and 125 S did.


The 150 VXL and the SXL still retain the classic Vespa look, much like its 125cc siblings. Because the designs were tried and tested we understand their propensity to stick to what works, however, a little more effort to the design would have been a great point to help justify the extra price premium. Nevertheless, they do look absolutely gorgeous.


There are new shades to differentiate the 125 and the 150 but some of the shades are same as well. As with all Vespa’s there is a lot of chrome work done to the body work to give it a more premium look. With so many Vespa’s rolling on the streets, it is a surprise that it still turns heads like when it was first introduced and was a rare site to see on the roads.


The new colors introduced in the 150 VXL and the SXL are really eye catching especially with the matte paint job. Just like its smaller sibling the VXL gets the chrome pillion grab rails while the SXL misses out on this. The only visual difference in the 125 and the 150 is the speedometer, the 125 had an analog dial with only the time in digital display but this time only the speed dial is analog. The fuel gauge and time are displayed in digital form. The design might not differ from the 125 but it is still quite the looker.

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Vespas have been as much about aesthetics and premium feel as the performance. The 150cc engine produces 11.6Bhp @ 7000 RPM and 11.5 NM of torque @ 5500 RPM. The initial feel in the pull isn’t as strong as we had expected but once it got moving the torque pull was pretty strong. The 125 and 150
are separated by only 1 BHP and 1NM of torque
so the difference isn’t huge in terms of outright performance.


The only concern is that the 150cc might prove to be more petrol thirsty engine in comparison. There is some vibrations felt while riding in slow speeds but it goes away after the 40Kmph mark. Even though it’s a 4 stroke engine Vespa have tried their best to recreate the sound of the 2 stroke Vespa’s and they have come close to it, it is quite loud for a scooter.


The ride quality was pretty good and handled most of what was thrown at its way with ease. The wider tyre provides more stability and grip. The nimble handling meant you could easily filter through busy roads and tight sections. You do sit higher than other scooters so it might be a problem for shorter riders.


While stopping wasn’t an issue the disc upfront did lack initial bite and felt wooden. The single sided swing arms and the single sided forks did make the ride quality a bit harsh but it is something that we can easily live with.


We would consider the Vespa a good investment, if you can afford it. There haven’t been many changes in terms of design, but the power addition is a welcome addition. The 150 VXL and the SXL are quite capable machines with the looks to match their history.


The distributors, D-Lifestyles, have done a terrific job of establishing a culture for Vespa owners which alone are an attractive aspect to potential Vespa owners. Whether or not you’re willing to pay a premium over the 125 VXL and the 125 S for the added power and compromised mileage is a personal choice.





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