Everybody will agree to the fact that occasional vacations are mandatory. It helps you unwind and take a breather, away from the stress of working and all the hassles that you go through day in day out. By this we don’t mean working at Autolife is stressful, but everyone deserves a good holiday where they can reflect on themselves and just get away from all the hustle and bustle of a mundane life. So, we just decided that we need some time off and geared ourselves up for a vacation. That is when we decided we would be going to Chitwan to enjoy the jungle experience for 3 days.

Like we said, a vacation is indeed necessary to break the hassle of daily schedules, forget everything and just enjoy travelling to new places. This road trip was all about it, to enjoy ourselves outside of work and the whole point of it all was to have fun. The very generous people over at Laxmi Intercontinental stepped forward and offered to make our journey even more comfortable. They provided us with two vehicles for the entire trip; the Hyundai Creta and the i20 Active. We went on the trip for 3 days and stayed at Temple Tiger Green Jungle Resort.

There were 6 of us so we were split up so that 3 were in each car. We were a little skeptical at first about the i20 Active because the Creta was powered by a 1.6L petrol engine producing 122 Bhp @ 6400 RPM and having 154Nm of torque @ 4850 RPM, while the i20 Active was powered by a 1.2L petrol engine producing 82 Bhp @ 6000 RPM and 115 Nm of torque @ 4000 RPM. So, a difference of 40 Bhp and 39 Nm between the two cars had us assuming that the Creta would be up ahead and the i20 would be left behind. But our doubts were cleared as there wasn’t much difference between the two vehicles and the i20 could go toe to toe with the Creta. We started out early in morning, around 7 am and took off from Kathmandu. Because the way from Mugling was closed due to road maintenance works going on, we took a slight detour and took on the hills of Daman, full of twists and turns.

The twisty up hills of Daman were where we thought the i20 Active would struggle the most to keep up with the Creta but surprisingly the Crossover kept up very well. The weight of the car also came into action, as the lower power and torque was compensated by the lighter weight of the vehicle overall. By this we’re not stating that the Creta underperforms but saying how good the i20 Active was on the roads. Both the cars had no issues going up the hills even with the A/C turned on full blast the whole way.

The cars even handled bumps of the roads very well with only the big bumps unsettling the vehicles. After all the uphill travel we started to descend towards the Terai region and as we got closer to our destination the roads got wider and smoother, there started the straight stretch of the Terai highway. The i20 Active was a little behind the Creta on the straight roads because there was a clear gap in the performance but it did very well. It had the power to overtake other vehicles, especially the larger trucks plying on the roads. When we were in the Terai region our photographer opened the window to take a photo and that is when we felt the real heat and humidity of the Terai region. The A/Cs did such a good job in cooling the cabin that we forgot we were in Terai already. We learned our lesson and kept the windows closed and relied on the A/C to keep us cool for the remainder of the way.

Our stay at Chitwan lasted for 2 nights and 3 days with a lot of memorable moments. The first day, reaching Chitwan after 10 hours of driving, we reached our hotel somewhere around 5 pm in the evening where we were greeted by the staff with chilled refreshing drinks to beat off the heat. Surprisingly, even after over 10 hours of driving we weren’t fatigued which just shows how well balanced the cars were. For us, the evening was spent in enjoying the change in the scenery and taking a sigh of relief knowing that we were away from all the stress and all we had to do was enjoy ourselves. We were in for an amazing jungle experience and when we entered our rooms, it was made evident with there being no connection with the virtual world. Its actually a good thing that all of us got to disconnect with all the internet and social medias. Shortly after all of us freshened up, we were treated with a cultural program staged by the local Tharu community and just indulge ourselves in the whole experience of Chitwan.

The second day started off with a heavy breakfast and we were all set for the jungle excursion planned for us. We were in for a jungle safari with boating across the Narayani river and had a picnic lunch in the old Temple Tiger Hotel in the middle of the jungle. After the excursions, we got back in our cars and went exploring into the Sauraha side. There were some road maintenance going on there as well and the conditions were not very good but the Creta being a compact SUV and the i20 Active being a Crossover Hatch, didn’t feel out of place on such conditions. It took on the rough patches of the roads very well and didn’t struggle one bit. Overall, both the vehicles showcased excellent capabilities on all kinds of roads that we threw at them.

On the third day, after our breakfast we headed out early to head back home. We were thoroughly impressed by the i20 Active as we had been stating it earlier and expected nothing less from the Creta. The Creta didn’t disappoint either, the difference in power and torque was evident while driving back. The higher performance figures made overtaking that much easier. We had to cross Mugling by 10 before the road maintenance would re-start. The drive back through Mugling with the new roads were very smooth. We could actually feel how smooth the cars were. Both the cars felt very confident through corners and held the line very well.

Both the vehicles were an ease and was comfortable for everyone. The spaciousness of the cars made sure that everyone was comfortable. The Hyundai Creta and the i20 Active just made this trip that much more worthwhile. It was a breeze to get by and reach Mugling effortlessly. Next up, we stopped for a little refreshment in Malekhu to enjoy the famous fish there and headed back to Kathmandu. After 8 hours of drive, we finally reached back to Kathmandu bringing back all the good memories from our vacation back at Chitwan.

It was indeed a much-needed vacation for everyone and the next day we were back to our offices with very little fatigue and revitalized energy from the trip. It has to be one of the most memorable trips made which was made even better with the amazing cars we got from Hyundai, thanks to Laxmi Intercontinental Pvt. Ltd.


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