When Emergency Calls : All New Pajero Ambulances

The primary purpose of an ambulance is to carry the sick and injured safely to the hospital. But frankly, the plight of most ambulances in the country is less than convincing for the task in question. You are strapped down on a stretcher and made to endure a rather bumpy and uncomfortable ride with usually even the basic life-sustaining drugs and equipment not available. And taking a bumpy ride to the local medical facility in ageing ambulances isn’t really the most reassuring feeling when being one is fighting for his/ her life. Luxury accommodation service in medical care is already a big business in most parts of the world. Similarly, luxury ambulance service is another mushrooming concept that has been evolving over the years. Mitsubishi in Nepal is a brand well associated with luxury. It already maintains a formidable stance in the commercial and personal vehicle segment. So in their bid to step it up by another notch, Leon Motors Pvt. Ltd (the sole authorized distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles in Nepal) has introduced this premium entry into the medical vehicles segment – The Mitsubishi Pajero Ambulance.


Mitsubishi is pitching its highly capable Pajero as an ideal platform for an emergency response vehicle. This vehicle has been specially equipped from the factory in Japan itself, to safely transport patients from the scene of an emergency to the hospital. The Pajero has undergone an extensive conversion process to be effectively equipped with all the necessary equipment that is important to tend to medical emergencies. The interiors have been converted to give extensive storage space, and every aspect required for emergency treatment on the go has been cared for in detail. With the stretcher in place, enough space has also been created for a member of medical staff to comfortably be with the patient for medical attention. To reach the hospital in time, the Pajero in ambulance livery comes equipped with the usual emergency lights, siren and an additional external speaker with microphone.


The Mitsubishi Pajero Ambulance is powered by a 2.8-litre V4 engine and does not limit itself to perform well just in urban areas. The ambulance comes with Mitsubishi’s globally tried and tested Super Select 4WD system which offers it the agility to climb through possibly every kind of road. To ensure comfort to the patients over rough and uneven terrains, the Pajero’s front and rear suspension has been reinforced with stabilizers. The large window areas provide excellent driver visibility helping the ambulance to easily navigate through the chaotic traffic conditions in the country. With its large and intimidating road presence, it will also be easier to clear the roads faster. The Pajero’s ABS system has a 4-channel system with sensors in each brake which enables the brakes to work independently and helps in improving stability, especially when speeding through in an emergency.


The unique selling point of the Pajero as an ambulance is that it will function not only as a premium emergency response vehicle, but is also highly capable to collect emergency patients from rural areas accessible by off-roads. The Pajero’s off-road capabilities combined with the maximum rear space, optimum medical equipments and brisk performance makes it an exceptional ambulance. The Pajero Ambulance is probably one of the most luxurious ambulance services available in Nepal. Sure it is a bit expensive when compared to the other ambulances from Indian manufacturers, but as medical sectors are entitled to duty free exemptions from the government, hospitals can still afford to have access to such a premium vehicle with the nearly negligible import and customs duties on ambulances. Otherwise, as a relatively cheaper bargain, the trusted Japanese manufacturer also offers the Mitsubishi L300 Ambulance. A couple of hospitals have already taken the delivery of these custom-designed Pajero Ambulances to use as their premium medical emergency transport and in time we expect the numbers to increase.


God forbid, but in case of a personal medical emergency, this definitely is the kind of ambulance that I would love to be picked up in!


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