A little while ago we had the opportunity to test drive the all new Figo during its launch event in Jodhpur and we returned mighty impressed with the sporty hatchback. The Figo has always been known as one of the sportiest and one of the most fun to drive hatchback in the segment and we hope that this has been carried over in the newer Figo as well. On the last generation of Figo, the Figo S was introduced. The Figo S was the sportier version of the normal Figo with contrast paint, sportier interior, blacked out rims and a slightly revised suspension for better handling. Now, although the Figo S has not been carried forward to the new Figo, there is a new variant that takes its place with the name Figo Titanium Blu. We got to test drive the Titanium Blu while we were in Jodhpur, but here in Nepal we test drove the Titanium variant.


The Figo has taken a lot of its styling cues from the recently launched Ford Aspire, like the chrome grille, the restyled front and its rear end accompanied by a 14-inch wheel. The Titanium Blu gets blacked out grille with black contrast roof, mirrors, spoilers and blacked out 15-inch wheels. And as the name suggests it gets some blue accents around the fog lamps. The Figo was always a good looking vehicle and now with the exterior updates it looks refreshed! The titanium looks classy with the chrome grille but the Blu variant looks very sporty so you get to choose between classy and sporty. The main update on the side is the revised 14 inch rims along with the bigger and blacked out 15 inch rims on the Blu. From the rear it is mostly untouched apart from the newly styled bumpers. Overall it is a very good looking package that will sit well with people of all ages.


The interior gets a host of changes as well, the major change being the introduction of the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system although it misses out on the latest sync3 system which gets Android auto and Apple car play. The floating screen is placed on the center of the dash board to make it easy for everyone to use, the touchscreen is basically the same as the one found in the Freestyle and the new Figo aspire. In our previous test drives of the freestyle and the Figo aspire we like the responsiveness and the intuitiveness of the infotainment system of which can be said the same here. The Titanium Blu variant gets blue accents on the inside as well. The other part of the dash has been integrated very well.

The Figo comes equipped with all the new age features such as push button start, rain sensing wipers reverse parking sensors and camera. It has two USB ports in front of the gear lever which can be used to connect your smartphone to the vehicle or to charge your device. The seats are well made and provide proper cushioning to the driver and all the passengers. The rear seats are pretty good as well, it feels spacious and provides good amount of legroom and headroom meaning people taller than the average height won’t have much of an issue while travelling in the new Figo.


petrol 1.2L TiVCT engine is the same 1.2L that was very well received on the Ford Freestyle as well. The naturally aspirated 1.2L three cylinder petrol engine produces 96 PS of power and 120 Nm of torque. Both the diesel and the petrol engines are class leading in terms of performance, so much so that it even produces more power than some vehicles that are on a higher segment than the Figo. So to put the engine through its paces we took it to what most people say is one of the most challenging uphill road in Kathmandu, the way to Seto Gumba and it is rightly so.

The route to Seto Gumba has some very steep yet twisty roads which can prove to be quite the challenge. While on our way there, we had the opportunity to put the car through its paces on some twisty roads and some high way straights. The engine was a bit throaty in the higher revs due to the fact that it was a three-cylinder petrol engine, but the pull was linear and easily maintained highway speeds without any hiccups. 120Nm of torque is plenty enough for our day to day commute, which is the main objective of this vehicle. It will also be enough when you want to push it a bit harder when you want to have some canyon carving fun.

This is a vehicle that can be a good city commuter when needed but turn into a fun little machine when there is a change in your mood. We can only talk a little about the 1.5L TDCi diesel engine as we only had a short time with it in Jodhpur. The 1.5L TDCi engine produces 100 PS of power and 215 Nm of torque. The torque is slightly on the lower side according to the numbers but for such a light vehicle it is more than enough. When driving on the Indian highways it proved to be very easy to overtake other vehicle since the power was linear and it was available when you needed it.


The suspension held its place well as we chucked the Figo into high-speed corners and it just complied without any hesitations. The suspension has been dialed in very well, with the right amount of plush driving in the cities, plus the involvement and feedback while pushing it through
the twisty turns. In the safety front it gets dual airbags as standard with 6 airbags on the top Blu variant. Other safety features include Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS). All these safety tech work in conjunction with each other to make sure that you are safe at all times.


The main surprising fact is that it was priced lower than the outgoing Figo, The Ford Figo has been launched in Nepal with an introductory price starting from Rs. 24,99,000/- for the Petrol Ambiente variant, Rs. 27,99,000/- for Petrol Titanium variant and going all the way up to Rs. 31,99,999/- for Titanium AT. As for the Diesel engine, the Figo is priced at Rs. 27,99,000/- for Ambiente and Rs. 29,99,000/- for Titanium. This is a real bargain as it has class leading performance and features that rival vehicles above its segment while it is very competitively price undercutting most of its direct rivals. This make the Figo a very difficult vehicle to overlook while shopping in this segment. We strongly urge you to shortlist the Figo and give it a try if you are looking for a vehicle in this segment and price point.

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