Yamaha FZ-S Fi V2.0: The Fantastic Update

AL-v-4-i-1-Outlander-194Yamaha’s FZ-16 added a whole new dimension to the sub-200 cc motorcycles. Dubbed as ‘Lord of the Streets’, the FZ-16 kick-started the revival of Yamaha Motorcycles India Pvt. Ltd when it was launched in 2008. That original FZ-16 was followed by two new models, the FZ-S and FZ-S FI. These models were deservedly popular in the market, sky-rocketing Yamaha’s sales thanks to an appealing blend of performance and versatility. Now, Yamaha looks to continue that momentum in the crowded 150cc segment with this much-needed update. We take a quick ride to find out if the FZ-S FI V2.0 can keep the FZ’s momentum going forward.AL-v-4-i-1-Outlander-203STYLING:

The new bike has more flesh to flaunt. The stubby front look is dominated by an angular headlight compartment which houses a multi-reflector headlight with clearer flasher lens. The rectangular instrumentation panel is multi-functional with eco indicator. The Eco Indicator indicates when the motorcycle is being ridden to deliver optimum fuel efficiency. It is very practical and all the information can be accessed easily even in broad day light. But, the panel lacks a clock. Both the switchgear quality and palm grips are good.The most-noticeable part of the new FZ series is the redesigned rear end which looks futuristic as compared to the earlier FZ. The muscular fuel tank has remained untouched, and so has the 140/60 rear tyre. AL-v-4-i-1-Outlander-201The rear section has new easy to grab aluminum handle bars which makes it is easy to move the bike in parking conditions. Pillions will also appreciate the new grab-handles. The sharp rear comes with a new futuristic-looking midship muffler. The new bike also comes The new Fuel Injection System is smooth and contains sensors, actuators and an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which calculates and delivers the optimum amount of fuel to the engine, enhancing both the performance and mileage. Blue Core technology is Yamaha’s new generation engine enhancement technology which offers more power, faster pick-up, better fuel-efficiency and environmental friendliness with lower emissions.AL-v-4-i-1-Outlander-199 This is achieved by optimizing the combustion process, reducing power loss, precise control of fuel supply and ignition timing. The new FZ-S FI with ‘Blue Core’ delivers 14% more mileage against earlier FZ’s carburetor versions. At just 132 kg without fuel, the bike is even more responsive leading to quick initial pickup and smooth acceleration both in hairpin bends and straight roads. The gear shifts and acceleration is smooth and stress free. The Diamond frame complements the riding ergonomics perfectly. Coupled with a wheelbase of 1330 mm and a ground clearance of 160mm, the bike guarantees a supple ride quality and playful handling. The bike has plenty of stopping power, thanks to the 240mm front disc brake and a 140mm rear drum brakes. With full tire huggers which will come handy during wet weather. The overall looks of the bike adds a sporty attitude and powerful road presence.AL-v-4-i-1-Outlander-200


The riding ergonomics is shared with the earlier FZ series. The riding geometry is aggressive. The FZ has flat and wider handle bar with rear set foot pegs which makes the bike perfect for city riding condition. Both the rider and the pillion will appreciate the seating geometry. The all-new rear tail- lights give the bike a touch of style at the back too. The seating system is incorporated in a new split seat which makes the bike comfortable for both the rider and the pillion.AL-v-4-i-1-Outlander-198SUSPENSION:
The suspension setup is comparatively on the stiffer side like the earlier FZ. The stiff setup is a bit harsh on potholes. Stability is good, thanks to the suspension and the new pattern 140/60 radial rear tire. The front telescopic fork and rear Monoceros suspension provide plenty of rigidity. The new tire is puncture resistant and it did manage to provide a better grip when ridden through wet areas. This also gives the riders enough-confidence to maneuver the bike through corners. It’s a comfortable motorcycle, helped both by the suspension and by the seat, which is broad, well – padded and comfortably adjusted for the rider and the pillion.AL-v-4-i-1-Outlander-197PERFORMANCE:  

If you are to go by the numbers, FZ-S FI V2.0 is appears to be slightly underpowered than its predecessor. That all changes when you slip in clutch, throttle it up and take off. The power delivery of this bike will make you smile.


The FZ-S FI V2.0 is a thoughtfully designed all-rounder bike with plenty of character and practicality. It is quick, appealing and fun to ride and the bike is much better than the earlier FZ. The brand FZ might not be brand new, but it’s still a very capable and desirable motorcycle and the price-tag of Rs. 2,47,900 justifies the product.

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