BMW G 310 GSThe everyday hustle and bustle of a 9 to 5 job raises your blood pressure and cortisol levels which leaves you needing that vacation. Assuming you are a petrol head (which if you’re reading this you definitely are), a road trip on a motorcycle is probably something that will do the trick. That ride to the beautiful terrains of Mustang or cruising along the long and vast Terai belt is what will rejuvenate some life into you. Speaking of which, Bavarian Motor Works, a world renowned and leading German automotive manufacturer (you know them to be called BMW) has a companion made just for that Road Trip you’ve been thinking of. BMWs GS series are fabled for its excellent touring capabilities and its versatility. Coming in all the way from the 80’s when BMW introduced their first GS, a fully-fledged adventure bike which over the course of time became synonymous to “adventure touring”. Fast Forward to 2018, BMW introduces their first ever entry level GS for the mass market as the G 310 GS and now their adventure legacy has finally arrived within our boarders. We’ve had the privilege to familiarize ourselves with the G 310 GS and bring you its test ride review.


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On the design front the G 310 GS lives up to the GS name tag and sports a distinct touring look that tells you it means business. It shares elements with the G310 R but there are a few key differences that make for a completely different experience. The swing arm is based on the same design but it is a tad bit longer to provide better stability, but the wheelbase is shorter than that of the R model. The longer travel suspension provides better damping plus the increase in ground clearance aids in further enhancing its capabilities. The tank on the GS holds 11 liters of fuel which is sculpted to make it more comfortable for the long hours on the saddle.

BMW G 310 GSThe GS has an up swept exhaust and at the rear you’ll notice a large rack which looks like it can hold a suitcase. The front wheel gets a 19-inch alloy rim while the rear gets a 17-inch rim. The fairing feels like there’s been much attention put into its composition and looks sturdy enough to withstand the onslaught of adventurers’ trail. The switch gears feel very premium too and have a very tactile feel. BMW G 310 GSThe all-digital instrument cluster looks nice and has a speedometer, odometer, trip meter, tachometer, fuel gauge, gear indicator, digital clock, and plenty more. The GS also gets dual channel ABS which we’ll talk more about later on.


The reverse inclined 313cc single cylinder engine is capable of producing 34hp @ 9500 RPM and 28Nm of torque @ 7500 RPM. The engine feels very smooth and refined and for a single cylinder there isn’t much vibrations to be felt. It has a punchy yet equally distributed power delivery which is very easy to control. BMW G 310 GSThe pull is so linear and smooth; there are times when you won’t even notice the intrusion of the rev limiter. And when it comes to changing gears, the 6-speed gearbox is slick and responsive, you’ll find minimal misses mid-shifts. The torque is available from the lower rev ranges and the power is available throughout the rev band. Casually riding through the city is a bliss, the GS’s engine’s got ample of pull for you to be commuting in the second or third gear. The gearing ratio also feels spot on; it’s not too short that you have to constantly change gears to stay in the power band yet it isn’t very long as well. BMW G 310 GSThe power is manageable even for newer riders and there is enough for it to not come across as a slouch. All in all, the engine definitely packs a punch and was one of the main highlights of the G 310 GS.


The braking duties is taken care of by BYBRE units. BYBRE is a sub brand of the famous brake manufacturing company Brembo and BYBRE stands for By Brembo. The front brakes are single disc 300 mm rotors with 4-piston fixed calipers while the rear brakes are also single disc 240 mm rotors but comes with a single-piston floating caliper. BMW G 310 GSThe GS’s brakes give you a good feel and feedback which is not usually the case with bikes equipped with ABS (Antilock Braking System). The rear ABS can be switched on or off according to the requirement while the front ABS is on permanently.BMW G 310 GS The Upside-down forks and the rear shock both have 185mm of travel which assures a comfortable ride over various road conditions; not at all limited to the gnarly conditions we’ve got looming all over our roads. The bigger 19-inch wheels and the increased ground clearance means it can go over most obstacles that come across its path.


Comfort is a major considering point on a touring bike, since you’re more or less getting one to rack up miles on that odometer which is exactly what the GS is made for. BMW has set it up to deliver a more comfortable ride experience; the handle bar is high and wide with the ability to be adjusted for the height according to the rider, the seats are also well padded and you don’t feel uncomfortable being seated over long hauls, there’s room to add a windshield that deflects fatiguing winds from hitting you head on. BMW G 310 GSHowever, the 835mm seat height could prove to be a challenge for some people. On the handling front, the suspension is slightly more focused towards tackling undulations and imperfections of the roads but it was surprisingly stable in the corners too. They absorb the bumps on the road pretty well and only the bigger undulations may unsettle the bike.


We should also mention that you can even spec your own GS with the different BMW accessories such as a taller windscreen, luggage box, headlight protector, etc. All of which are available at the showroom itself to make your GS even more of a tourer. Besides, we’re sure your road trip album with that GS will leave your phone flooded with Instagram notifications. Then the prospect of being able to travel long distances without a fuss and being able to commute on it daily is pretty alluring. Priced at Rs.10,90,000/- for the standard version and Rs.11, 15,000/- for the white color option are pretty decent in our opinion especially considering the rising prices and the fact that you are getting a BMW GS at that price point.

BMW G 310 GS


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