Yamaha Nepal is looking for a bigger slice of the Nepalese scooter market.Deepak Rauniyar , AGM-Sales and Business Development,Yamaha Nepal, talks about Yamaha Nepal’s roadmap to Autolife Nepal.

Do you feel that Yamaha Nepal has an exciting portfolio of products that addresses every segment of the market?

Yes, we do because we have a portfolio that addresses segment of the market. We have four segments for bikes suited to customers from every age group and every financial status. Also, we have a scooter segment which is targeted towards the teenagers.

How does the scooter market in Nepal stack up? What is Yamaha Nepal’s share in the scooter market?

The scooter market in Nepal is booming right now. The demand and growth for scooters is phenomenal. It is because the mentality of people has changed compared to the past. Today, you can find customers from both sexes owning a scooter because it is very comfortable and easy to ride.

Besides, scooters also provide a sense of independent to women. They don’t have to ask anyone to drop them off or pick them up in any situation. Currently, we have 22% of share in the scooter market but our target is to reach 26% in the future.

The Fascino scooter did very well for Yamaha Nepal. However, sales of Ray, Ray Z and Alpha have not been that satisfactory. Does this bother you?

Yes, Fascino is doing very good in the market and it is also performing better than other Yamaha scooters. When our other series were launched, they also picked up the pace and reached a certain level of sales from which we are satisfied with.

Referring to the second question, all our scooters possess different characteristics; hence, the target group is different. We have planned a series of marketing and advertising promotions to cater to all these segments.

When you talk about world class, does it mean world class in terms of performance or the build quality? Similarly, do you feel your Blue core technology has delivered big time?

Obviously, when we talk about quality we not only indicate sales but also the service processes which resonate with our brand name and utmost customer satisfaction. For example, we store the spare parts of a model even if that model is not performing well in the market.

This shows how serious we are when it comes to maintaining our quality. Also, we have our own finance agency, which helps our customers to get suitable auto loan. Yes, we do feel that our blue core technology has delivered because it has increased the power, mileage and the performance capability of our products and plus it is an environment friendly technology which makes things better for the nature as well.

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