Four Doohan Smart EV scooters launched in Nepal

Kaliber Auto, the authorised dealer for Doohan Smart Electric Vehicles in Nepal, has recently introduced four Doohan Electric smart scooter models via the dealer’s official showroom at Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu. Among the vehicles launched are two three-wheeler special models (the iTank and iTango) and two classic urban special models (the Uranus and E-Swan). The price of the models ranges from Rs 2,31,900 to Rs 3,69,900.

Doohan electric scooters in Nepal

iTank design and specifications

The iTank is the face of Doohan. The iTank’s design stands out because it presents the aesthetics of a real tank–owing to its Dual-Front Wheel Technology (DDWT-S). The iTank is powered by a strong 1500 W Bosch motor whose single charge can provide a range of up to 70 km, and which allows the vehicle to achieve a top speed of 45 kmph. It comes with a 60V 26Ah lithium battery from LG/Panasonic. The battery is both long-lasting and eco-friendly.

iTank scooter price in Nepal

Besides the additional wheels on the vehicle, the iTank’s three hydraulic brakes and reverse gear make it more stable than most two-wheelers and far safer to ride. Among some of the iTank’s notable features are its ‘Roll Lock’ system, cruise control, and dual-battery storage compartment. The iTank will be available in the following colours: red, black, white, green, blue, and orange.

iTango design and specifications

The iTango is another unique model from Doohan. This three-wheeler features advanced DDWT-S and is powered by a 1200 W Bosch motor that is capable of delivering a range upto 70 km and enabling the vehicle to achieve a top speed of 45 kmph via a single charge. The iTango comes with a 48V 26Ah lithium battery from LG/Panasonic.

iTango scooter in Nepal

As with the iTank, the iTango also comes with three hydraulic brakes and a reverse gear. Furthermore, the iTango also features a ‘Roll Lock’ system and cruise control, among other features. The iTango will be available in the same colours as the iTank’s: red, black, white, green, blue, and orange. 

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E-Swan design and specifications

The E-Swan is the most affordable e-scooter model from Doohan. Its design features a classic circular headlamp, showcases a chrome curvy design, and overall, gives off an urban-retro vibe. Powered by a 1200 W DC motor from Bosch, it comes with a 60V 26Ah battery from LG/Panasonic, along with a dual-battery storage compartment.

E-swan in Nepal

The scooter can achieve a top speed of 45 kmph on a single battery charge, which gives it a range of upto 50 km. The E-Swan will be available in black, white, and green options. 

Uranus design and specifications

The Uranus is Doohan’s biggest seller. The ergonomic and stylish Uranus features a long seat and rides on an extended wheelbase. Powered by a massive 3000 W DC brushless motor from Doohan Technology, it comes with a 72V 26Ah battery from LG/Panasonic, and as with the other brand models, also comes with a dual-battery storage compartment.

Uranus e-scooter in nepal

A single charge of this scooter’s battery can deliver a range of up to 50 km and allow the vehicle to achieve a top speed of 45 kmph. The Uranus will be available in red, black, white, purple, and blue colour options. 

Doohan’s cutting-edge features

All Doohan models mentioned here are available with a 1.5-year battery warranty, motor warranty, and one year of free servicing. All the vehicles, which are EEC certified, have a standard charging time of 4-5 hours. They come with an LCD display, auto-adapting LEDs, integrated lights, high-quality parts, a tech-fault diagnosis mechanism, and a benchmark-setting advanced intelligent battery-management system. Kaliber Auto will launch newer, upgraded Doohan models in the near future.

Doohan Price in Nepal

Doohan Electric ScootersPrice in Nepal
Doohan E-SwanRs. 231900
Doohan iTangoRs. 289900
Doohan UranusRs. 321900
Doohan iTankRs. 359900

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Where is the Doohan Scooter showroom in Nepal?

The official Doohan Scooter showroom in Nepal is located at Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu.

What is the price of Doohan Scooter in Nepal?

The Doohan Scooter comes in four different models: three-wheelers (iTank and iTango) and two-wheelers (E-swan and the Uranus). The price of the Doohan scooters in Nepal ranges from Rs 2,31,900 to Rs 3,69,900

Is Doohan scooter a three-wheeler?

Yes, the Doohan scooter has two three-wheeler models available in Nepal: iTank and iTango.

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