Electric scooters priced below Rs 2.5 lakh in Nepal

With the further hike in fuel prices in Nepal, the urge to switch to electric vehicles among Nepalis has become greater than ever. Electric two-wheelers are marginally cheaper than ICE-powered ones in terms of energy-consumption cost and wear and tear cost, and are also sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Here are some budget-friendly electric scooter models that are priced below Rs 2.5 lakh in Nepal.

Pure EV Etrance Neo

The Etrance Neo comes equipped with a 67.2 V battery that is capable of generating a maximum power of 2200 watts, and it can achieve a top speed of 60 kmph. The e-scooter takes 4 hours to fully charge via a home-charging outlet, and it provides a range of 90-120 km on a full charge.

The e-scooter’s notable features are the LED headlamp, blinkers, and brake light, 4-inch LCD display, portable battery, anti-theft smart lock, cast-alloy wheels, telescopic suspension, and regenerative braking.


Motor 2.5 kWh BLDC 
Power (W)2200 
Battery 67.2V 10A
Battery typeLithium-ion
Top speed (kmph)60
Range (km)90-120
Charging time 4 hours
Braking typeElectronic assisted braking system (E-ABS)

Price in Nepal 

Etrance NeoRs  2,49,000

Hero Electric Photon and Optima

Hero Electric made a comeback in Nepal (in January 2021) with the launch of three new scooters: the Photon, the NYX, and the Optima, with two of them (Photon and the Optima) priced below Rs 2.5 lakh.

The Photon comes equipped with a larger battery and a more powerful motor than that of the Optima (single battery). Both scooters take 4-5 hours to charge fully, and on a single charge the Photon provides a range of 108 km, 26 km more than the Optima does.

The e-scooters’ notable features are the LED headlamp, digital instrument cluster, portable battery, remote lock, anti-theft alarm, alloy wheels, telescopic suspension, and regenerative braking.


Hero Electric modelsPhotonOptima
Motor 1.8 kWh BLDC Hub Motor1.5 kWh BLDC Hub Motor
Power (W)1200-1800550-1200
Battery 72V / 26Ah51.2V/30Ah
Battery typeLithium-ionLithium-ion
Top speed (kmph)45 kmph42 kmph
Range (km)108 82
Charging time 5 hrs4-5 hrs
Braking typeCombined braking systemCombined braking system

Hero Electric scooters price in Nepal 

Hero Electric modelsPrice in Nepal
PhotonRs 2,49,600
Optima (single battery) Rs 2,09,600

Yadea S-like

The S-like is Yadea’s most affordable e-scooter in Nepal. Powering the e-scooter is a 60V 24AH battery that is capable of generating a maximum power of 2000 watts. The vehicle can speed up to 50 kmph. It takes 6 hours to charge the scooter, and on a full charge, it provides a range of 60 km.

The scooter gets a 4.2-inch digital instrument cluster; and the scooter’s LCD display will adjust automatically during the day and night. 


Motor GTR 3.0
Power (W)2000 
Battery 60V 24Ah
Battery typeATL Lithium
Top speed (kmph)50 
Range (km)60
Charging time 6 hrs
Braking typeDisc (front) and Drum (rear)

 S-like Price in Nepal 

Yadea’s S-like (single battery) Rs 2,30,000

SuperSoco CUx and CUmini

SuperSoco currently has two e-scooters in CU-series: the CUx and the recently launched CUmini. 

The CUx is powered by a 60V 30 Ah battery that generates 2788 watts power, and it can speed up to 75 kmph. The scooter takes 6 hours to charge, and on a full charge, it provides a range of 85 km. 

Powering the CUmini is a 48v 20Ah battery (that generates power of 900 watts), which takes 7 hours to charge fully, and it provides a range of 60 km on a single charge. It can speed up to 45 kmph.

The CUmini comes with notable features such as Battery Management System (BMS), remote control (keyless start), anti-theft alarm, mobile charging, light-weight removable battery, and easy battery charging.

In addition to these features, the CUx boasts other features such as a multifunctional switch, cruise control, and engine cut-off side stand.


SuperSoco modelsCUxCUmini
Power (W)2788900
Battery 60V 30Ah48v 20Ah 
Battery typeLithium-ionLithium-ion 
Top speed (kmph)7545
Range (km)8560
Charging time 5-67 hours
Braking typeDual disc brakeCombined braking system

SuperSoco scooters price in Nepal 

SuperSoco modelsPrice in Nepal
CUx Rs 2,49,000
CUminiRs 1,79,000

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