Exclusive: Three Premium Yadea E-Scooters Launched in Nepal

One of the largest manufacturers of electric two-wheelers, Yadea, has recently launched a range of premium electric scooters in the Nepali market. Kuzu Nepal Pvt. Ltd., the sole authorized distributor of Yadea electric scooters in Nepal, has officially announced the arrival of three new electric scooters. The models (G5, C1S, and S-Like), which meet European standards, are now being showcased in Tangal and offered with attractive discounts. The company has said that the first 15 buyers of each electric scooter will get a discount of NPR 25,000. That is, a total of 45 customers will each get a cash discount of NPR 25,000.

Yadea G5

The Yadea G5’s exterior is simple yet sophisticated, with fine lines and sleek aesthetics. The design, kept to a minimal, features a stylish-looking LED headlamp and a couple of Yadea branding particulars upfront and on the sides. A 7-inch digital instrument cluster, mounted on the handlebar, is regarded as the centre of attraction of this electric scooter.

The G5 is equipped with a GTR 3.0 broadband motor that generates a maximum power of 2300W (rated power is 1200 watts) and a maximum torque of 120 Nm. The G5’s motor is IP57 waterproof rated. The scooter comes with a detachable 60-volt, 32-amp Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack, the same type of battery used in the Tesla Model S, and it charges to full within 6 hours. With this powertrain, the company promises that the scooter will provide a range of 80 kilometres on a single full charge. They further claim that the G5’s battery can operate at a temperature of minus 20 to 55 degrees Celsius; it also comes with a short-circuit feature, overcurrent protection, overcharge protection features, and has a life cycle of 800. This scooter can get to a top speed of 60 kmph. A few of the other key features include hydraulic disc brakes, two driving modes, and a storage capacity of 26 litres.

This electric scooter rides on 12-inch tubeless tyres, and it gets disc brakes on both wheels. The dimensions of the G5 measure 1810 x 700 x 1150 mm; the ground clearance is 160 mm; and the wheelbase measures 1270 mm.

The price for the Yadea G5 is set at NPR 3,30,000.

Yadea C-1S

The C-1S is designed to provide a comfy riding experience and is elegantly designed. The scooter’s front fascia features a Yadea logo integrated with a triangle-shaped headlamp, which is an auto-level Yadea headlamp (the headlight turns on automatically inside a tunnel or during dark nights). A 5-inch digital instrument cluster mounted on the handlebar provides clear information about the scooter’s stats.

The C-1S shares some similarities with the G5–a GTR 3.0 broadband motor, a 60-volt, 32 amp Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack, 12-inch tubeless tyres, a top speed of 60kmph, and disc brakes on both sides. But unlike the G5, the C-1S’s motor generates a maximum power of 2200 watts, a rated power of 1800 watts, and a maximum torque of 138 Nm. The battery charges fully in six hours to offer a range of 80 kilometres on a single full charge. The battery can operate at a temperature of minus 20 to 55 degrees Celsius, and it has a life cycle of 800. It comes with a nine-level safety protection feature that provides the following: short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, pre-discharge protection, balanced function, over-temperature protection, and riding mode.

The Yadea C-1S also comes with features such as PKE close to unlocking, geo-fencing, an intelligent power-management system, motorcycle-level high-quality hydraulic shock absorption, a storage capacity of 25 litres, and a smart keyless integrated solution system–that performs automatic sensing, power switch, faucet lock, and cushion lock duties. The dimensions of the C-1S are 1790 x 695 x 1240 mm, and the wheelbase measures 1270 mm.

The price for Yadea C-1S is set at NPR 3,50,000.

Yadea S-like

The Yadea S-like’s aesthetics leans towards the sporty and features a red and black colour scheme. The headlamp and side indicators are low-mounted, and it gets a 4.2-inch digital instrument cluster; the scooter’s LCD display will adjust automatically during the day and night. The electric scooter gets 12-inch tubeless tyres with discs on the front and drum brakes on the rear. It has a storage capacity of 18 litres.

The S-like is equipped with an IP57 waterproof rated, GTR 3.0 broadband motor that provides a maximum power of 1200 watts, and its rated power is 2000 watts. Similarly, the motor generates a maximum torque of 120 Nm. The S-like can reach a top speed of 50 kmph. It uses a 60-volt 24 amp lithium-ion battery pack that charges to full in 6 hours to offer a range of 60 kmph on a single full charge. The model comes with a double-battery option as well, which doubles the range of the electric scooter (120 km). The life cycle of this battery is 800. The safety features on the battery include short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, shock protection, equalization function, temperature protection, and overcharge protection.

The dimensions of the Yadea S-like are 1750 × 680 × 1450 mm; the wheelbase is 1300 mm, and the ground clearance stands at 180 mm.

The price for Yadea S-like is set at NPR 2,30,000.

(Also published on the Hamrobazar blog)

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