Before the era of flimsy crossovers and compact SUVs washed over the auto industry, the roads of Nepal were ruled by massive fuel guzzling behemoths we called SUVs. It imposed a significant presence on the roads, resounded of a metallic thud when you closed the doors, and it did not adorn flimsy plastic charlatans feigning as body cladding. More importantly, it could chew up and spit out anything you laid in its path. Some of the old guns like the Nissan Patrol and Toyota Land Cruisers still prowl our roads striking fear in the hearts of hatchbacks on stilts masquerading as crossovers or even daring to call themselves SUVs. However, with more and more luxurious crossovers and compact SUVs becoming abundantly available the more expensive and demanding fully fledged SUVs began losing demand. Apart from the wealthy few who passionately wanted to own a 4×4 that could go anywhere, not many opted for these rugged beasts. Naturally, distributors focused on what sold more and only a few SUVs trickled into the market.

One of these minorities that has recently come into the scene is the new Ford Endeavour. It may not have been as popular or celebrated amongst its class, but it has come back with a vengeance. And it perfectly embodies the true spirit of an SUV. We don’t really care for what people have to say, but size does matter, and the Ford Endeavour is an example of why it is so.FordEndeavourNepalMAIN


Driving an SUV in the city is mostly
about imposing a road presence, and the Ford Endeavour is chock full of that. There is no reason to beat about the
bush and we’re just going to say it: it is massive. The previous rendition of the Endeavour sported a boxy design and Ford has replaced that with a sleeker more curvaceous design.FordEndeavourNepal7The Ford Endeavour looks the part of a brutish SUV with its tall and broad stance. The front grille is a hexagonal design with the badge sitting between two chrome slates. With a combination of LED daylight running and projector lamps the headlight blends well from the grille to the body. You won’t find any fake claddings here. It adorns massive skid plates, fog lamps on the bumper and large wheel arches under the 18 inch wheels on which it runs. It has an overall sleek design that runs through the side profile of the SUV.FordEndeavourNepal4The rear doesn’t have too many frills to talk about. Ford has ditched the spare tyre mounted on the back and placed it
 under the tailgate. In its place, a broad chrome strip with the Endeavour tag runs through the middle with tail lamps flanking either side.FordEndeavourNepal3


Despite its imposing size and capabilities it has not skimped on the creature comforts. The cabin is a spacious affair with ample leg room for even people with a larger frame in the second row. Things do get cramped in the third seat though. The driving seat is comfortable and gets electrical adjustment. Steering wheel is adjustable for rake but not reach. The moonroof also lights up the space very well. Leather upholstery throughout the cabin helps to keep the premium SUV feel of the car. The knobs and switches have a soft feel to them and the subtle chrome treatment makes the switchgear look and feel upmarket.FordEndeavourNepal5The design of the centre console isn’t too bold and it sticks
to a simpler layout. The infotainment system gets Bluetooth telephony, multi-format audio compatibility along with an Internet hotspot capability that uses a data card or your phone’s data network. The well lit instrumentation cluster gets a large speedometer with digital display panels that readout the trip information, digital speedometer and tachometer, music, and phone info on either side. The two displays get individual selection switches on the steering.

On the safety front, you get seven airbags, ABS, electronic brake force distribution, stability control and hill start assist. The stability control helps maintain the balance while cornering and works to prevent the SUV from rolling.


The Ford Endeavour drives like a proper SUV that is well and comfortable in the urban scene. Steering is well weighted and you receive proper feedback when you’re on the road but it is nimble enough for light steering. While body roll is always expected on such a large SUV, it has been made to feel more symmetric thanks to some clever engineering. This allows more stability while cornering without having to stiffen up the suspension. All this integrates well with the overall comfort in ride that the Ford Endeavour provides.FordEndeavourNepal2We drove the 3.2 liter five cylinder automatic transmission with 4×4, which is the one that is available in the market. The power output is splendid, especially in the mid range belt, and you won’t
believe how quick you’re going until you glance at the speedometer. So on the urban roads and highways, the Endeavour is a great drive especially with the great torque spread it offers. To add to that, Ford claims to have fitted the best gearbox in the Endeavour, which is supported by its engineering. The gearbox works closely with the onboard computers to detect your driving style and the terrain you’re driving on to provide optimum performance. So the automatic transmission is a smooth affair.FordEndeavourNepal8However, this vehicle wasn’t meant to be driven just on smooth tarmac. In fact, it gets different terrain modes that you can choose with a help of a knob by the gear shift. You get a choice of snowy, sandy, or rocky terrain. Getting a hold of all these functioning isn’t rocket science but you will need to put in some attention to get it going. FordEndeavourNepal6Press on the accelerator and it will power through whatever it has in front of it. With a 225mm ground clearance you have little to worry about. In fact, you won’t find yourself going for the 4×4 low unless you’re faced with some seriously difficult terrain.


Even without trying too hard, the Ford Endeavour manages to look stylish and brawny at the same time. It is most definitely one of the best looking SUVs in the market. But many would argue that such SUVs are only used to ferry families within the city or to showoff one’s vanity. We say, no. Just look at it. It is a massive SUV and we love it. You wouldn’t be putting it to best use if you’re just going from point A to B, but you’d be doing it in style and with dominance. We’d definitely make way for it if we saw it approaching in our rear view mirror in the highway.FordEndeavourNepal10It has an abundance of creature comforts, the drive is great and it has everything you’d want from with a premium SUV. However, it does come with a pretty hefty price tag. Get past that and we can’t really see a reason for not getting this vehicle. There is that issue about the single digit mileage it returns but there is always a way around that in our country.FordEndeavourNepal11

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