Going Unnoticed with Swaroop Pariwartan

My Swaroop is a combination of parts sourced from fourteen different motorcycles. But the way I have incorporated the parts into the build makes it inconspicuous and looks stock until gazed upon in detail.

Contributed by Kalash Ratna Tuladhar, Founder at Iron Monk Works: Mr. Tuladhar is a graduate from the Minnesota State University in Automotive Engineering Technology. He formerly worked for MV Agusta and Bikers Nepal as the Head of after sales.

What a country we live in! It seems that we are slowly slipping away from a democratic nation to an autocracy. This autocracy however is not “auto crazy”. With the recent press release published by the Metropolitan Traffic Police, I’m at a loss for words to comprehend the thought process behind coming up with these ludicrous rules! But who am I kidding, in a country where you can get arrested for social media comments, long hair, YouTube videos, being friends with a suspected criminal, you should definitely be jailed for making modifications to your vehicles (aka Swaroop Pariwartan).

Now if we think of Swaroop Pariwartan as a human, he’d most likely be comparable to  a banned Bollywood star, loved by everyone, everyone wants to meet him, take pictures with him, show off those pictures on social media etc. But there’s one problem, he’s banned in Nepal and his movies are never to be shown here. But like all humans, we do what we shouldn’t, and we’re pretty good at it. So just how do we go about sneaking Mr Swaroop around town without getting caught?

Well as the popular saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” when you are trying to dress up Mr Swaroop to go out into town, just remember that you shouldn’t dress him up extravagantly. You should dress him up in such a way that it matches his ID Card. The paint job can be extravagant if you want for annual rides and special occasions, just remember to wrap it the rest of the time with a stock colour. That way Swaroop doesn’t get in trouble.

The next thing you can do is to modify the seats. You can add or remove the cushioning depending on how much cushion you have on your person. For some builds, a custom seat board can also be fabricated to give the motorcycle a different stance, personality and look. These mods can be fabricated in very OEM looking ways that will have you picking up chicks more than tickets. Swaroop being the wingman that he is. You go bro!

There are also many ways you can upgrade Swaroop from the inside. After all, beauty lies skin deep. On many retro vintage motorcycles and cars, it’s pretty straight-forward if you know what you’re doing. Mods like high lift camshafts, big bore kits, lightweight crankshafts are undetectable to the untrained eye. These mods when done correctly offer an unlimited level of fun, enjoyment and boasting rights.

Usually on these old motorcycles, the most difficult part will be sourcing parts for the rebuild. If you find all the parts necessary for the rebuild, it’s a good idea to go deep inside the engine and make sure that everything is up to par on the inside. A little tidying up from the inside will make a night and day difference once the rebuild is complete.

I have also built one of these retro bikes. My Swaroop is a combination of parts sourced from fourteen different motorcycles. But the way I have incorporated the parts into the build makes it inconspicuous and looks stock until gazed upon in detail. On my Gurkha, the rebuild consisted of reboring the bore to fit a 0.25 oversize piston kit and replaced all the gaskets of the engine. While taking the engine apart, cleaning every nook and cranny on the inside revealed a depth of information about how the engine was maintained before. Once all was said and done, the rebuilt engine ran like butter. The sounds the engine made was probably close to how it sounded when it rolled out of the factory. Power delivery was also improved and it gave a different vibe when riding on the street. Coupled with an aftermarket generic exhaust that not only looked good but sounded decent rather than obnoxious helped keep it under the radar but still able to make heads turn.

For modern carbureted motorcycles, you can do all of the above and some more as well. Nowadays, CDIs have become very intelligent and sensor clad, making it very sensitive to engine performance compared to their older counterparts. Replacement CDIs derived for race use are slowly trickling into the market. These CDIs offer performance benefits and economic benefits depending on the map selected. We currently have in stock Race CDIs for a few models like the NS200, Gixxer 150, and CBR200. These units are plug and play and offer 8 levels of tuning. Combine these units with the right size main jets and you’d be flying off of the starting line leaving others wondering what happened.

Now for the modern fuel injected bad boys, although it is a little complicated and expensive, (like what upgrade isn’t expensive?) there are various options that you can adopt on your vehicles depending on how crazy you want to go. Some prefer slip-on exhausts coupled with fuel map enhancers or piggy-bank systems that offer adjustments in fuel and ignition timings. These mods are undetectable and offer power enhancements of up to 30%.

Just like on the carbed version, you can opt for engine component upgrades as well. To truly make your Swaroop a sleeper type of guy, one who looks lazy and weak from the outside but a Bahubali on the inside. For these levels of mods, unfortunately you need deep pockets in Nepal and a capable workshop to carry out these for you. The rewards however, are really sweet in the end. When going all out like this, you must do titanium internals that are machined just for you. The power increments achieved from this will be phenomenal, like Swaroop on steroids.

These mods are not only restricted to the engine. You can upgrade you suspension system, your tyres, and everything else on the motorcycle and car and still have it look like stock. You just need to spend some time researching your best options, and finding the right parts for you. If you can soup up Swaroop and fool people with it, why not right?

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