HONDA GRAZIA | THE GRACEFUL COMMUTERIn a day and age, when people are always looking for comfort and convenience, sometimes commuting through the busy streets of Kathmandu valley can be a hassle. It seems like almost everyone is in a rush to reach somewhere on time and are looking for something that can help them get by through all of this. This daily commute for some are public transportation which are always crowded and cramped up, and many just want to have a private vehicle of their own to escape from these aggravations. But then again there lies a big question, what do we look for to get by on our daily commute? Most of the times, the option that people choose out of convenience is a two-wheeler. Sometimes motorcycles can be too much for people looking for the ease of use and comfort and this is where scooters shine through. Scooters are one of the easiest tool for daily commutes and this can be made pretty evident by the how scooters are taking over the market.

HONDA GRAZIA | THE GRACEFUL COMMUTERTalking about scooters, let us move on to what Honda has been up to in the scooter market. We have all witnessed how Honda scooters, like the Aviator and the Dio, have been doing exceptionally well in the market. Now, they have a new addition to their range with the all new Honda Grazia. With the recent launch of the Grazia, we decided to take it out for a spin and bring you our thoughts on how this scooter performs.


The first thing that you will notice about the Grazia, is how Honda has put in some serious effort to make the scooter stand out with sharp angular lines throughout the body, giving it some sort of a sporty feel. However, all of this has been done elegantly and we must say the shade of red, that we got for the test ride, just looked amazing. Looking at it from the front, it looks like the scooter takes inspiration from the CBR series of motorcycles with a sharp and muscular front. The Grazia gets an all LED Headlight setup which is a first in its segment. Also, it gets an all-digital console with speedometer and tachometer on the top with a second smaller console that displays the trip meter, fuel gauge and time.

HONDA GRAZIA | THE GRACEFUL COMMUTERAnother interesting feature on the Grazia is the Eco Speed Meter. Unlike the eco-meter that we usually see on scooters, the unit on the Grazia has 3 indicator lights to show the most economical speed. Apart from this, the scooter gets an all new 4-in-1 key system that includes seat lock switch which gives you access to the 18 liters of storage space. Also, you get a side space compartment upfront where you can store your mobile phone and there’s even to install a port through which you can charge your phone. All in all, the Grazia is equipped with an array of features that make the scooter so convenient.



The Grazia comes with a 124.9cc, single cylinder, air cooled engine based on the Activa 125. The engine comes mated to a CVT system and produces maximum power of 8.5bhp at 6500rpm and maximum torque of 10.5NM at 5000rpm. The engine on the Grazia is just as graceful as it looks and it just feels really refined. Honda has always been known for their amazing refinement of their engine and the Grazia stays true to the statement. Hit the electric start button on the Grazia and the extremely refined nature of the engine is immediately apparent. The motor is in its element for low to midrange power and is easily one of the quickest scooters off the line. The Grazia can effortlessly pull off speeds above 65Kmph without any wobbling and we must say that it did feel really balanced and stable even at higher speeds.

The performance of the Grazia is something that will definitely grow on you. The scooter barely has any vibrations and feels just as smooth as butter. The power delivery is smooth through out the rev range and as mentioned earlier, you can barely feel any vibrations, even on higher revs. While Honda has positioned the Grazia as an urban scooter, it is capable of handling highway runs with ease. The scooter was easily capable of going up to speeds of 75kmph but the engine started feeling a little stressed after that. Overall, the Grazia’s performance is something that you would only expect from a Honda.


The Grazia comes with a seat height of 766mm and a ground clearance of 155mm. The seats on the Grazia were broad and there was plenty of space for two people to sit on comfortably. Even the leg space was on the bigger side, taller people won’t have much of an issue of having their knees getting cramped on the Grazia. The telescopic forks also held up pretty well and handled most of the potholes. The plush seats combined with the suspensions and soft grips of the handlebar kept the vibrations at bay.
HONDA GRAZIA | THE GRACEFUL COMMUTERThe Grazia gets 10-inch alloys at the rear and 12 inches at the front with 100/90-10 and 90/90-12 tubeless tires. The handling felt pretty light and the scooter was manageable even while doing quick flips to get through the traffic. The handling on the Grazia felt very smooth and well balanced. Also, with a weight of only 107kgs, the Grazia was a treat to ride in the urban jungle of Kathmandu and the rideability wasn’t at all taxing to the rider. Also, to make things better, the scooter comes with combibraking system and we have to say that the brakes did their job exceptionally well. Overall, the Grazia is a fun, comfortable and easy to handle urban commuter.


For a 125cc scooter, there’s hardly any place that you can complain about the Grazia. Honda has indeed pulled off a perfect combination of looks and performance on the Grazia. The scooter is a fun urban commuter and a breeze to ride around in the city. The engine has a pretty smooth feel to it and has almost close to no vibrations at all and the Grazia is indeed really practical on both streets and highways. Also, the new features on the Grazia serve as an attraction to young professionals and college students who need a friendly commuter to get by on a daily basis. With a price tag that starts from Rs. 2,01,900/- and backed by all the features along with the looks and smooth performance, we think that the Grazia can definitely do good in the 125cc scooter segment.HONDA GRAZIA | THE GRACEFUL COMMUTER




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