The pickup truck market is very limited in Nepal. Although primarily manufactured for people who constantly have to carry a lot of load around or those who use it as a utility vehicle, it is not necessarily restricted to this target segment. While this may usually pertain to the commercial vehicle segment pickup trucks’ utility and the roads of Nepal, several models have become popular choices in the passenger segment too. People are starting to opt for pickup trucks for their versatility of a double cab truck.

Entering the fray again is the once popular Isuzu moniker with their D-Max V-Cross. This truck has a lot to prove, and demonstrate what it holds up against the likes of the more popular Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger and the lot. And we put the D-Max through its paces to find out just this.


As we expect with any pickup that hopes to get noticed, the D-Max V Cross has a mean and intimidating looking front end. Two bulky chrome slates with the Isuzu name tag brandished dead center adorns the grille. Upward sweeping headlights with integrated indicators flank the grille. Projector lamps accentuate the face of the V-Cross.

It sits tall with big off road tires and optional bull bars. The big flared wheel arches also added to the big brawny look. The cargo space in the back is pretty spacious too. You can carry a lot of stuff in the back and if you are the type of person who likes to go on adventure trips then you can fit 5 people’s luggage and some extra items with ease.


A common misconception about pickup trucks is that the seating space is compromised due to the huge cargo space but this truck proves otherwise. It has a pretty spacious cabin and can fit 5 people easily and comfortably. The seats are quite soft and provide decent support. It will be pretty good on long distance travels. However the dashboard does feel a little compromised with hard touch plastic everywhere. It would be a lot better if a little soft touch material were used on the upper part of the dash where our hands touch the most.

The model that we tested had the optional 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system. The absence of a physical volume button made it a tad bit difficult. Since the volume buttons on the infotainment system are touch capacitive buttons, it is hard to locate the exact buttons while driving the car. The reversing camera is integrated to the infotainment system and it comes in really handy while reversing such a long vehicle.


This vehicle is powered by a 2.5L turbocharged diesel engine producing 134bhp @3600RPM and 320Nm of Torque @1800RPM. The torque kicks in really soon so you feel the initial tug but it tapers out in the higher RPM. The big diesel engine also tends to get noisy when pushed hard so it is better if you shift early.

If you get stuck in a muddy situation then you can switch from 2X4 to 4X4 with a turn of a dial. In the 2X4 mode the power is sent to the rear wheels and it is pretty capable in the 2X4 mode but if you have some tough terrain ahead of you, you can put it into 4H or 4L depending on the condition.

The 5-speed transmission did its job very well; the gear changes were smooth and easy. If you want to have some fun then put it in 2X4 and floor the accelerator and the rear will come loose! But be careful while attempting this because it can go out of control real fast! When driving this truck you hardly have to worry about it scraping its underbody because it will go over bumps like there was nothing there.

The steering felt really light while driving which made it really easy to maneuver such a large vehicle and at times you tend to forget the size of this massive truck. But when you have to do a U-turn from a complete stop then you really have to fight the steering wheel and use you upper body strength.

The rear suspension duty is taken care by leaf spring suspension, this suspensions main objective is to carry heavy loads so the ride might be a little bumpy when the rear is not loaded.


If you are someone who likes to live the adventurous life, going on camping trips and what not with family and friends or just an outright 4X4 fanatic who loves to kick some dirt up then this truck will tick all of the boxes for you. The light steering makes it easier to drive around town, but you get stuck in heavy stop and go traffic then it might prove to be a challenge.

The starting price of the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross is Rs.64.9 Lakhs which is a cheaper than its competition to which we think this might give the others a run for their money.


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