MV Augusta Brutale 675: Brutal At Heart

AL-v-3-i-12-180A few months earlier, we test rode the beautiful F3 675. As ultra-sophisticated as it was, it took a while to get comfortable with the raw nature of the motorcycle. For the naked counterpart of the F3, things came more naturally. It was a different beast that had the same beating heart, an inline 675cc 3 cylinder engine with a whole lot to offer.


The naked styling of the Brutale line is precise and purposeful, which has made it a yardstick for other high displacement naked motorcycles. This mid-weight in the family is the Brutale 675, which we had with us for the day. Based on the fully faired F3, the Brutale 675 is aesthetically pleasing and exudes a sporty edge. At a cool 184 kgs with all tanks full, the Brutale is a light weight amongst big bikes, but is still a powerhouse to contend with.AL-v-3-i-12-179

Up front is a large unique headlight which is integrated well with the front suspension which is a non-adjustable but well-tuned Marzocchi 43mm inverted fork. Its fuel tank is beautifully shaped with large clean aggressive cuts that help establish a strong confident demeanor for the Brutale which is further accentuated with its exposed steel trellis frame.Untitled-1

The wide handle bars, which are slightly lower and more angled, provide a great riding position that finds a sweet balance between a comfortable ride and an aggressive race. Switch placements, reminiscent of the F3, requires a little time to get used to; but that is not something you would really complain about. On the console are arrays of facilities that help ascertain its position as one of the most technologically advanced middle weight amongst the two wheelers in the market. The one central pod also displays the Clock, Lap Timer, Riding Modes, Traction Control, Gear Position, Speedometer, Tachometer and Tripmeter. The Brutale features the option of 4 engine modes which you can change by pressing the ignition button once he engine starts. The normal setting gives neutral throttle response and a medium Traction Control setting, the sport mode sharpens throttle response and backs off the TC while the rain mode does the opposite. Custom can be set however you like.AL-v-3-i-12-185For a super sport, the ergonomics of the machine is extremely comfortable. It is compact with a short wheelbase, a low saddle and a narrow midsection which makes it easy for average/short riders to plant their feet on the ground; one of the prime things that help make the Brutale less intimidating than the name suggests. At the rear, the Brutale is equipped with a preload adjustable Sachs shock and teamed with an aluminum single-sided swingarm. The tail end is minimalistic in the Brutale 675, it keeps it simple with a red led light and Trepistoni proudly written on its slim rear cowl. What isn’t as silent is the golden triple pipe side exit exhaust that surfaces from the under belly and on to the right side of the Brutale.AL-v-3-i-12-189A head turner in every sense of the word, the MV Agusta Brutale 675 deserves all of the attention it received. We hardly ever get the amount of notice as we did with the Brutale. But, then again, a rumbling beast roaming the grounds of Basantapur Square in the morning isn’t always a common happening.


Riding the MV Agusta Brutale 675 inspires confidence, which isn’t something you can say about most big bikes. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a motorcycle that packs enough punch to give you shaky legs. It is differently tuned from the F3 and is slightly milder in nature and the compression ratio has been reduced from 13.0:1 to 12.3:1. But it still belts out a healthy claimed 110 hp at 12,500 rpm and 65NM of torque at 12,000 rpm.AL-v-3-i-12-188Pair this with its rider friendly ergonomics and that translates to a blisteringly fast bike that begs you to let rip the throttle. Igniting the engine, the hoarse three cylinder tune spread a smile across my face. I waited for the digital display to settle into idle only to shift into gear and let the tachometer flicker across in a flash. In doing so, the motorcycle propelled forward with eagerness that would make any rider grin. The Brutale pulls from the lowest rev and feels even more powerful from 5000 rpm onward. Pushing it even further, the howling exhaust note accompanied me to the triple digits and beyond within seconds.AL-v-3-i-12-190All that speed and power combined with superbly easy handling came as a surprise. MV has notoriety for being an acquired taste, and not something you feel comfortable with on the first go. The Brutale 675 changed everything. There was no jerkiness or lag on the sharp ride-by wire throttle system. Thundering through open roads was expected to be an easy task for the machine, but what I did not expect was the ease with which it took on the urban traffic. It was surefooted and nimble, to an extent that you normally don’t ask from super sport machines. Cornering on the Brutale was also a joy, thanks to its friendly ergonomics. Braking was also spot on. The 320mm front disks are the same as those employed on the F3 and offer incredible controlled stopping power. The best technology currently available is utilized on the MV Agusta Brutale 675, including Brembo radial calipers and Nissin master cylinders with integrated. A hard but comfy seat combined with a suspension that soaks up minor bumps makes this MV a good ride for long hauls. However, in stone paved or bumpy roads, you will be bouncing around a lot. But it is a price I would be willing to pay.


The Brutale 675 is an agile super sport that fills the shoes of a more practical version of the F3. It is a treat for any motorcycle enthusiast; it is sporty and aggressive when you want to satisfy your speed demon but it will also don a practical personality when the situation requires it to. Not to take anything away from its fully faired equivalent, but the Brutale 675 gets a lot of points in terms of throttle responsiveness and ease of riding.AL-v-3-i-12-187 It shows no sign of jerkiness or lags whatsoever, and is not a snatchy ordeal. If you are looking for that raw MV Agusta feel though, you might be disappointed. But as a sane super sport motorcycle, the 675 ticks all the right boxes. It took on the roads of Kathmandu, heavy traffic included, with ease. On the bends and straights to the way to Dhulikhel, it showed even more enthusiasm. And thanks to the comfortable positioning and ergonomics of the Brutale, my body didn’t ache at the end of the day. Was it worth waking up before the rooster crows to test ride this machine? Yes, and I would do it a hundred times over.

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