MERCEDES BENZ 220DEveryone must know about this particular German automotive manufacturer with a 3 pointed star as their emblem. Yes, that’s right, we are talking about the giant auto manufacturer Mercedes Benz. This iconic brand has made a name for itself over the years by producing fantastic cars one after the other. Mercedes Benz has pioneered the luxury segment of cars and only few names can stand toe to toe or outdo them. We can see the luxury car segment booming as more customers are appreciating the masterpieces of the respective companies as this is reflected in luxury car sales. We are not sure how the recent tax rate revision will affect this market but whether it continues to grow at this pace or not, we surely hope it does grow.

It’s not very often that we get our hands on exotic machines but on this issue, we had that joyous opportunity as we were handed the keys to the Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe 220D. But it was heart wrenching to have to return the keys after the test drive was over. In a matter of hours, we bonded with the Coupe and it actually felt bad to say goodbye to it. You will easily see why it was so hard saying goodbye to this beauty in our review. So let’s go on to find out, shall we?


The vehicles that come out of the Mercedes Benz factory are some of the best-looking cars in their segments with their sense of design and elegance paired together making it a winning pair. The GLC Coupe is no exception to that; with the coupe styling, it stands out in the crowd and will definitely have heads turning. So, by now, you might be wondering where you’ve heard the name GLC? Well, the GLC is Mercedes Benz’s SUV counter part of C class segment. So, a Coupe version of an SUV? Even though it might sound crazy, the GLC Coupe is an absolute stunner when it comes to looks. Recently, we have been going on and on about how there has been a massive growth in the crossover and SUV segment of cars and how those cars were more practical. Well interestingly, there was a niche market that wanted the practicality of an SUV but the driving feel and look of a sedan. But, you can’t just jack up a sedan and call it an SUV, so, Mercedes Benz took the smarter route and converted the GLC which was already based off the sedan option from Mercedes C class and gave it a Coupe styling with a sloping roof and better handling dynamics.

MERCEDES BENZ 220DThe front of the GLC Coupe is equally striking to the GLC and there isn’t much difference either. The LED Headlights coupled with the LED DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) has a prominent look. The diamond studded grille with the signature 3-pointed star logo sits at the center that is sure to catch eyes. The model that we tested had the optional AMG line wheels. The 19-inch, 10-spoke star shaped wheels went along with the overall look adding a sporty feel. The sloping roof gives it an unmistakable look unless you take a look at the elder sibling, the GLE coupe which has a very similar design which only trained eyes can spot the differences between the two. The Coupe version is slightly wider than the normal GLC which can be seen above the rear wheel arches as it has more pronounced shoulders. The taillights have been also been carried over from the GLC. That’s about it for similarities, other design cues like the Coupe styling gets a more Sedan like rear end with a boot that pops out. No matter which angle you look at this car from, it has a very aggressive and menacing stance.


Talking about the interior, well, it’s a Mercedes Benz! Need we say any more about it? Each car in the Mercedes Benz lineup has one of the most luxurious options available. They use high quality materials to make sure that nothing is compromised for the customer. With soft touch material and leather everywhere, it is a dream to be driving around in it. The leathers feel excellent and everything inside has a very premium feel to it and every component has also been designed with convenience in mind. The electronically adjustable seats are common in higher end cars but the controllers to adjust the seats are usually placed on the side of the seat which can be tricky to adjust at times. However, the controller on the GLC Coupe is located on the door above the window switches which are easily accessible and the optional heated seat button is also located right next to it. It also has the memory function to make it easier to go back to your personal setting that you have stored if anyone does happen to change it.

The Aluminum treatment to the window switches and the Burmester speaker looked very nice with a wooden finish around the whole area. The wooden finish is also brought over to the center console where all the other functional buttons are placed. On top of all that wooden center console is where the 7 inch command infotainment system is housed. This, however, is not a touchscreen unit as Mercedes Benz has its unique swivel wheel to control the screen or you can just use the steering wheel mounted controls as it is safer that way.

Talking about the steering wheel, it felt very nicely sized as it was very easy to grip and the paddle shifter is positioned just right to make quick gear shifts when you want to take over. The fact that this vehicle has a sloping roof line results in lesser head space than the normal GLC. This also eats into the boot space and reduces the total load capacity. The high loading lip and the smaller boot opening does make it look like a hard place to put your stuff into. However, you can lower the rear portion of the car with a push of a button located inside the boot; there are two buttons which fold the rear seat to open up more space. The tail gate is electric and will close with the push of a button.


There are a variety of engine options available for the GLC from the 2.1-liter diesel engine, which we have here, to a monstrous 4.0 Liter V8 petrol engine. The 2.1-liter engine produces 170 BHP of power @ 3000 RPM and 400 Nm of torque @ 1400 RPM. The torque kicks in really low so the car pulls pretty hard from the get go. The 2.1 engine is a tad bit noisy but that’s only when you stand outside the car; once you are inside, most of the noise is filtered out to give you a comfortable and plush ride.

The GLC Coupe is fundamentally an SUV but you’ll hardly notice it because it handles much like a sedan. The steering is precise and well balanced which makes you want to push it harder which the car will accept happily, but remember to change the driving mode to something sportier like the sport/sport + mode. If you want your own setup then you can do that in the individual mode where you can custom set the suspension, steering, engine response, etc. The 9 speed gearbox swaps gear pretty fast going and the paddle shifters are pretty responsive for when you want to use it. Talking about gears, the gear lever is not located at the center console like most cars as it is located behind the steering wheel on the right side. We actually found it to be a lot easier to operate than the regular gear lever especially while having to constantly switch between drive and reverse. You don’t have to let go of the steering wheel while changing gears and for added convenience, you can go into park mode with a press of a button at the end of the lever.


We could go on and on about the GLC Coupe but we have to end our talk about the escapade with the GLC Coupe here. So, concluding our thoughts on this beauty, it was a sublime experience while driving around the city with the Coupe which is a work of art, both in terms of looks and performance. The GLC Coupe rings all the bells when it comes to safety tech like ABS (Antilock Braking System), Traction Control System, lane departure warning, Blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, airbags, etc. Although, this fact is mostly overlooked by most of the people but the GLC Coupe was equipped with one of the best quality reversing cameras, as the quality of the camera on the 7-inch screen was crisp and detailed. In addition, the 360-degree view camera along with its parking sensors made parking a walk in the park. If you have a particularly high budget and you’re looking for something that is practical for everyday family use on our pothole laden streets, yet something very sporty when called for with the look of a sedan/ coupe, then the GLC Coupe is the car to go to.





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