R15 V3YAMAHA YZF R15 V 3.0 – Almost a decade back when the two-wheeler industry, especially with the 150cc segment, was pretty much based around commuter motorcycles where there weren’t any options for performance bikes which riders could opt to. The only option left was to modify what we had to get the most performance out of them. If we look back to those times, we could see all sorts of raised monoshocks, stubby tires and custom-made fairings slapped on to the typical commuter motorcycle, mostly for the aesthetic purpose. But with the arrival of rules against modifications, this trend subsided and a void was yet again felt among the youths that crave a motorcycle with sports appeal. All that anguish changed when Yamaha introduced the iconic YAMAHA YZF R15 V3.0




Yamaha’s R15 has opened a path for the enthusiasts to get into sports riding ever since the launch of its version 1.0 back in 2008. It has had a cult following among motorcyclists with Yamaha’s sports racing heritage. This changed many things for the two-wheeler industry; before the R15, there wasn’t anything that could be called as a performance machine. Carrying over the DNA from the bigger R series motorcycles, the R15 set a benchmark for itself and created a new breed of riders. And at that time, one of the fastest 150cc motorcycle was born.

Then later in 2011, we saw the second iteration of the R15 with the launch of version 2.0. It received an aesthetic update where the R15 V2.0 was designed to look sharper and sportier. This entry level sports motorcycle has been taking the market by storm ever since then. And now, Yamaha have definitely taken it up a notch by introducing the R15 V3.0. The motorcycle has been completely revamped and we must say that Yamaha gave the V3.0 a premium touch. With all the hype surrounding the R15 V3.0, we were more than excited to take it out for a spin. So, after spending an entire day with this machine, we bring you our thoughts on the all new race bred machine.


If you have ever thought the R15 V2.0 looked amazing, then think again because the R15 V3.0 just looks even better and much sexier. With the DNA from its elder siblings, the YZF-R1 and YZF-R6, the R15 V3.0 looks sharp and will definitely turn a lot of heads when you’re riding it on the roads.

R15 V3Yamaha have styled the motorcycle gorgeously and no matter what angle you look at it from, the motorcycle is just stunning. Not just that but with all the design cues from the liter class R1, the R15 V3.0 looks massive and in no way does it look like a 155cc machine. The aesthetic appeal of the version 3 definitely has a persona of its own and will certainly makes its presence felt in the roads. The bike gets an all new LED headlight setup and LED taillights. The new twin headlights are sleek and have helped to increase space for better air channeling from the front. The arrow head air vent up front between the newly designed headlamps gives the motorcycle an aggressive and aerodynamic look. The new fairing fits just right with the overall sporty design language of the motorcycle giving it a sports appeal. The swept back windscreen, rear set foot pegs and the clip-on handle bars along with the upswept exhaust, sculpted fuel tank with pronounced knee recesses and fins up top, and an edgy rear end further adds to the aesthetic appeal of the R15. Offered in two dual tone finishes, thunder grey and racing blue, the overall design of the motorcycle looks really well balanced.

R15 V3On the features end, the motorcycle gets an all new digital instrument cluster with instantaneous mileage, average fuel used, gear shift indicator, digital tachometer and VVA indicator. There are even smaller details such as the greeting and goodbye message on the console when you turn on/off the motorcycle. Sadly, the version that we get doesn’t come with the upside-down forks and ABS. But the R15 V3.0 gets the slip and assist clutch making the performance that much better.


The V3.0, now, gets a bigger 155cc single cylinder, fuel injected engine with VVA which comes mated to a 6-speed gear box. The new engine produces a maximum power of 19bhp @ 10,000 rpm and a peak torque of 14.7 Nm @ 8500 rpm. The VVA on the powertrain makes sure that the performance is maintained at either end of the rev range. We must say that the engine on this one feels very rev friendly with impeccable throttle response. You can feel how the torque hits in right after 7000 rpm and before you know it you would be hitting the 100kmph mark with ease. Then the 6-speed gearbox coupled with the slip and assist clutch works beautifully with the engine. You can approach a corner, brake hard while downshifting gears and accelerate hard; and we must say that this is where the performance of the V3.0 shines. Having the segments first slip and assist clutch, you’re assure that even under harsh downshifting, your rear won’t lock up and throw you out uncontrollably into a high side.


The R15 V3.0 now gets a bigger 282mm disc brake at the front and carries a 220 mm disc at the rear. The brakes seem to be adequate but we feel that it could have used a little bit more bite. The front does seem to be sharper than the rear which is much more progressive than the front. Even with that, the stopping power is adequate but one thing that it really misses out is the ABS.

The V3.0 also gets a bigger 41mm telescopic forks up front, however the upside-down forks have been given a miss. The rear gets a monoshock absorber just like the previous versions. The suspensions are a little on the stiffer side which allows for better feedback while talking corners. But they work just fine in absorbing the bumps on roads and won’t give you a tough time in the roads conditions that we have to deal with.


Handling is what the Yamaha R series have been known for and we must say that new R15 V3.0 stays true to this statement. This is one point where the V3.0 really stands out; the chassis just screams nimbleness which is also attributed by the weight of just 139 kgs. Ergonomically speaking, the 11 liters fuel tank on V3.0 has been well sculpted with knee recesses making sure that rider is set tight in position while taking corners. Another highlight of the R15s has always been the riding dynamics and it has only gotten better. Carving through corners feels like a hot knife through butter with the nimbleness of the Deltabox frame and the new clip-on handle bars and rear set foot pegs.

With a very committed stance on the motorcycle, you can’t just resist to pinning down the V3.0 in sharp twists and turns. With all that being said, the V3.0 has a very committed riding position that is fit for a race track which basically means that comfort is secondary. The tank sculpts, the higher seat height, low clip-ons and rear set foot pegs keeps you tight and centered with motorcycle. However, if you aren’t used to the riding position of a sports bike, you might feel moments of slight discomfort on long highway runs and jam-packed traffic. But all in all, the nimbleness and impeccable handling covers up for all of that and you won’t even have to think about it.


With all that being said, we definitely believe that Yamaha has taken it up a notch with new R15 V3.0. Priced at Rs. 4,19,900, the V3.0 is something that, for sure, is one of the most premium bikes in its segment. Carrying over the R series DNA from its liter class sibling, the YZF-R1, the R15 V3.0 offers a performance that can’t be outmatched.R15 V3




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