Bajaj Dashain Campaign: Win 25 Times the Cash Prizes!

Hansraj Hulaschand & Co. Pvt. Ltd., the authorised distributor of Bajaj bikes in Nepal, has a special offer for the festive season called the Bajaj Dashain Campaign: “Aaamamaa 25 Guna.” This campaign started on September 10th and it will run until November 30th.

This exciting campaign gives enthusiastic buyers a chance to win a guaranteed 25 times cash prize when they purchase a new Bajaj bike. Here’s how it works:

  • If you buy a new Bajaj bike during the campaign, you’ll be eligible to participate in a lucky draw.
  • For the lucky draw, the company will collect your name, phone number, address, the bike’s serial number, and chassis number.
  • The lucky draw will reveal different slips, each with a cash amount written on it. And, whatever amount is on the slip, the customer will receive 25 times that amount as your prize.

For example:

If you draw a slip with Rs 100 written on it, you will receive Rs 2,500.

If you draw a slip worth Rs 1,000, you will receive Rs 25,000.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make your Bajaj bike purchase even more rewarding during the Dashain Campaign. So, don’t miss out on your chance to win big!

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Bajaj bike price in Nepal

Bajaj modelsPrice in Nepal
Platina 100 ESRs 2,02,900
Discover 125 DiscRs 2,38,900
Discover 125 STRs 2,46,900
Pulsar 125 DiscRs 2,59,000
Pulsar NS 125 BS6Rs 2,87,900
Pulsar 150 SDRs 2,98,900
Pulsar 150 TDRs 3,16,900
Pulsar 160 NS TD ABSRs 3,30,900
Pulsar NS 200 (Non ABS)Rs 3,49,900
Pulsar NS 200 ABSRs 3,91,900
Pulsar NS 200 ABS FIRs 4,01,900
Pulsar 220 F ABSRs 3,99,900
Pulsar N 160 Dual Channel ABS BS6Rs 3,93,900
Pulsar N 250 Dual Channel ABS BS6Rs 4,49,900
Pulsar NS200 FI Dual ABS BS6Rs 4,24,900
Pulsar NS160 FI Dual ABS BS6Rs 3,86,900
Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS BS6Rs 4,13,900
Avenger 160 Street ABSRs 3,68,900
Avenger 220 CruiseRs 4,12,900
Dominar 250 Dual ABSRs 5,67,900
Dominar 400 Dual ABS BS6Rs 5,99,900
Dominar 250 ABS BS6Rs 5,49,900

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